Watership Down [14 Disc Box Set] DVD £16.14 (with voucher) + Free Delivery @ Asda Ent

Watership Down [14 Disc Box Set] DVD £16.14 (with voucher) + Free Delivery @ Asda Ent

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Found 11th Feb 2010
The complete box set of the popular children's cartoon over fourteen volumes. Join the trials and adventures of the rabbits and their warren as they protect it from the day-to-day threats they face.

Features all 39 episodes .

Episodes comprise:

1. The Promised Land
2. Home on the Down
3. The Easy Life
4. Strawberry Fayre
5. The Shadow of Efrefa
6. The Raid
7. Challenge to Efrefa
8. Escape from Efrefa
9. The Vision
10. A Tale of a Mouse
11. Lost
12. Friends and enemy
13. Kidnapped
14. Prisoner of Efrefra
15. The Roundabout
16. The Market
17. The Great Water
18. The Stand
19. The Orchard
20. The Great Game
21. Christmas On Watership Down (1)
22. Christmas On Watership Down (2)
23. The Mysterious Visitors
24. The Invasion
25. Bigwig's Way
26. The Homecoming
27. Capion Lives
28. Woundwort Never Gives Up
29. The Wanderer
30. The Challenge
31. Woundwort In The Trap
32. Kehaar's Departure
33. Redstone Falls
34. Magic
35. An Unfair Due
36. The Spy
37. Campion's Betrayal
38. Hannah's Big Achievement
39. The Last Battle

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This box set does indeed include all 39 episodes of this amazing TV … This box set does indeed include all 39 episodes of this amazing TV series. Now I admit I'm a fan of the TV series and not so much of the original film, but this series tried to appease to the fans of the book and film by giving General Woundwort more of a back story and making the third series a lot darker, but by then CITV refused to show it, so it was too little, too late by this time. So the only way to see the elusive 3rd series is by buying this set. Though only a handfull of the actors remained to reprise their roles, while the rest (mostily the celebrity talent, except Richard Briers) left. Play.com actually has the translated German titles of Series 3 listed here, instead of the official English titles which are;The Final BattleA New WorldThe Wanderer (unchanged)The NestlingThe Secret of RedstoneMy Fair GullThe Dark DealDarkhavenThe Eyes of SilverweedThe Spy (unchanged)The BetrayalThe Beginning of The EndThe MagicThere was also a printing error, the episode 'Bigwig's Way' is on this set, but the case with that episode on it has the title and description of an unproduced ep[isode called 'Dandelion's Big Story' written on it instead, the episode itself is oddily placed on a DVD that follows after the beginning of Series 3 on the previous disk. Apart from that little error and the fact that the two-parter Winter on Watership Down is included on the 14th and final disk, all the episodes are here and in order.It may be a bit on the pricy side, but it's because that this is quite a big set, but certanly worth every penny to fans of the TV series. Fans of the book and film may wish to give this series a wide birth due to some of the changes they made to make the show more family friendly and politically correct. However if you're looking for an alternative to the film, I might suggest this, though Series 3 may not be to everyone's taste, due to the continued changes they made, especially with the animation.This set only includes the episodes (and Entertainment Right trailers) so it dosen't include any extras, like a behind the scenes special that was made but overall though I've enjoyed this set and highily recommend it to TV series fans.

David31 - Play.com review
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