Watership Down: Deluxe Edition £2.49 delivered @ CD-WOW

Watership Down: Deluxe Edition £2.49 delivered @ CD-WOW

Found 22nd May 2009
Directed by Martin Rosen and featuring the instantly recognisable vocal talents of an array of British stars including John Hurt (Nineteen Eight-Four, Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone) Richard Briers (The Good Life, Hamlet) and Hannah Gordon (Upstairs Downstairs, Taggart) this animated masterpiece delves into the surprisingly violent world of a warren of rabbits who venture away from the evils of man in search of a new and better place to live.

The special edition is packed full of revealing and insightful, never-before-seen footage including A Conversation with the Film Makers and a featurette entitled Defining a Style which showcases exclusive commentary from the production team and cast members. Storyboard Comparisons including the opening sequence, Hazel and Fiver Sneak into Nuthanger Farm, Bigwig Leads Escape from Efrafa and Hazel is Injured also feature on the disc.

Special Features:

A conversation with the film makers
Defining the style documentary
Three storyboard comparisons
Opening Sequence
Hazel Is Injured
Hazel and Fiver sneak into Nuthanger Farm
Bigwig leads the escape from Efrafa


Bright Eyes always makes me cry!


Bright Eyes always makes me cry!

Song was written by Mike Batt, very good song writer /singer.

There was another film (I think madde by the same people) called Dogs of War or something. Not quite as good as this but well worth a look... Not for the nippers - unless you want them to grow up to be serial killers!

£2.50 for this is ace... Evenbigger bonus if it turns out to be the 2DVD as CDWow have been known to make the odd error or omission in their descriptions!

I watched this back to back with When the Wind Blows when I was about 7.

Never been able to think of cartoons in the same way since.

I love this film!!! I might get for my daughter (6) not the happiest of films but very very good. First cartoon I ever heard a swear word in, when the seagull squawks 'P1SS OFF'
oops Hot Deal

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