Watership Down [DVD] 14 DVD's (All 39 episodes) £29.48 delivered @ Amazon

Watership Down [DVD] 14 DVD's (All 39 episodes) £29.48 delivered @ Amazon

Found 21st Feb 2009
A bit of nostalgia for you here and a timeless classic, rrp was £59.00 (if that is to be believed from Amazon!!)

Taken from a review as i couldnt find detailed info anywhere,

All 39 episodes (all 3 series) on 14 DVD's, who could have believed that it would be released as a box set.
Despite a continuity error with Episode 25 (Bigwig's Way) and it being given a different name, the rest of the series is here in the proper order.
This box set is a first since it has all 13 episodes from series 3 which has never been seen in the UK, untill now, however the animation style is different between Series 1 and 2 and Series 3, also after the first 26 episodes many of the voice actors left, meaning there is major cast changes for series 3, however some of the voice actors (Stephan Mangan, Andrew Falvey, Rob Rackstraw, David Holt, Lee Ross, Sue Elliot Nicholls and Richard Briers) remained.
The series also gets darker by series 3 but has a terrific ending (which I'll keep to myself).
Plus there is the beautiful music by British songwriter and composer Mike Batt (who did the music for The Wombles and ITV's sucsessfull animated series The Dream Stone) with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra is superb, with the theme 'Bright Eyes' sung by Stephen Gately from Boyzone whom also plays 'Blackavar' for 3 episodes.
Despite the story being slightily different from Richard Adam's orginial novel (with the story being totally different towards the end of the series), this is a great British animated show.

# Actors: Ian Shaw
# Format: Box set, PAL
# Language English
# Region: Region 2 ( DVD formats.)
# Number of discs: 14
# Classification: PG



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