Watership Down DVD £2.99 delivered @ HMV + Quidco!
Watership Down DVD £2.99 delivered @ HMV + Quidco!

Watership Down DVD £2.99 delivered @ HMV + Quidco!

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From Richard Adams' best seller comes a beautifully realized animated adventure about a nomadic band of rabbits. Nestled among the rolling hills and peaceful meadows of England lives a community of rabbits. When their warren is threatened, a small group of brave rabbits escapes into the unknown countryside in search of a new home. Led by the visionary Fiver, the courageous Bigwig, the clever Blackberry, and the honerable Hazel, they face daunting challenges, and use their strength and cunning to survive, while pursuing their dream. Along their trek, they make an unlikely friend - a looney seagull named Kehaar - and battle the vicious General Woundwort, the cruel leader of another warren.


classic, HOT!!


Also only £3.38 at Amazon if you need a filler item.

tears and laughter! legendary film!

Thanks O.P, just ordered it for the wife and kids.

Not for kids at all! Do the right thing and keep it away from youngsters lest you traumatise them with rabbits bloodily crawing each other to deal.

very much for kids! lets them see that life is pretty awful then you die. dont brainwash the little darlings with the saccharin disney rubbish otherwise youll bring up more obnoxious brats.

Unable to watch this without breaking down and blubbing like a child.
I'm 31

*sings 'bright eyessssss burning like fire!'
awesome film.

I got to see this at primary school in about 1981, Life was never the same after it. I was traumatised. Not watched it since....Sad or what?


*sings 'bright eyessssss burning like fire!'awesome film.

I didnt mind the tune either!!! Great film for £3. One of those shelf fillers you just buy. I have personally seen the fioms far too many times. That big bird is funny.

Good deal - the film hasn't aged well though.
if ever there was a better advert for mixamatosis...

showing £4.99 now

[email protected] !!!!
Was just singing the song as i was reading the post :thumbsup:

Showing at 4.99 and back in stock in 7 days.

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