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WaterSure Plus 50% discount for eligible customers at  Thames Water
Found 19th JunFound 19th Jun
I was having a look around for any discount schemes for my parents and found this; its pretty useful for those eligible who are struggling with the rising cost of living. Its not r… Read more

Thanks so much OP for posting this. I've applied this for my pensioner mother and just received the confirmation letter today stating a 50% reduce fee. I have no idea when such scheme was available. This will save me 50% as I have been paying for my mother for the past few years. Thanks again! :-)


Op thank you i managed to get this God bless you and those you love. :)


Shame you can't change water suppliers like you can with everyhthing else


The first line said something like "receives any of the following..." I dont think you need to qualify for all of them alltogether. [But missed the "And in addition" oh dear. But hopeful, I reckon call and doublecheck]


Meter saving yes, when I was in a 1 bed flat and paying more than my mate on a 3 bed house just 2 min wak away. Got meter and went from £30.00 a month to about £10.00 but that was in the 1997 i think. Waster sure is for meters and water sure plus is for non metered.

Water saving freebies from Thames Water. Choose 3 from 6 items
Found 16th MayFound 16th May
Thames Water have been running this promotion for a while and it does work. I got my water saving devices earlier in the week You're allowed 3 from the following 6 devices … Read more
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Thanks OP, didn't know about this. I'm out of their area but have some heat (strong) .


One thing to watch out for is that the Save-a-flush or its equivalent is only for use with an "old fashioned" full-flush cistern. Modern duo-flush cisterns are designed to save water and cannot use a Save-a-flush. Hot from me as it's a good heads up to remind us that many water companies offer some variation on this.

FREE money saving gadgets from Thames Water (incl. new shower heads etc.)
Found 21st Nov 2016Found 21st Nov 2016
If you live in an area where thameswater supplies the water, you're eligible to receive for free a range of gadgets that can help with water (and money) saving. Pick from up to 2… Read more
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Any idea what the difference is between "Shower Head" and the 2 Nordic shower heads?


That's crazy. Sorry doesn't work for you


Ditto. The tap swiveller is good though.


Put a shower head in basket and after adding my address it said you have already received 1. oO over 3yrs ago.

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Free water saving devices @ Thames Water
Found 23rd Oct 2015Found 23rd Oct 2015
Check if eligible with postcode, choose max 2 items ( same or 2 different) and save water and money ;) and they post it out for free

its a fab idea but the shower head is out of stock lol


It is not a freebie, you pay out of your water bill. I know there is no such thing as free lunch cliché, technically every freebie, someone has to pay for it, but this is one of the types that is as clear as water that it is not a freebie, you do actually pay for it straight out of your water bill. The dead giveaway is that you have to belong to your water company. On the other hand if any one just request it from anyone and gets it then it is a freebie.


Still waiting for my past two orders...


Hi Thanks a lot.


Because it's been posted so many times!

Free shower head, showersave, shower timer, etc for Thames Water customers
Found 8th May 2015Found 8th May 2015
Freebies for Thames water customers. Just put in your postcode and see the freebies available for your area. Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.

I didn't know about this one, thanks!


It is rumoured that the managers are on telephone number salary to skillfully organised these as you couldn't DIY.


Same here. Although they sell a shower head for £25 which uses half the water as normal lol.


Ha! I love it - one person post the deal for their water company and they everyone does it for their own region! All goods deals - just the ripple effect makes me laugh! X)


i wonder what this lot is up to.just found out about the so called free energy saving light bulb scam.stupid me.

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Thameswater FREE giveaway - shower heads, tap filters, timers etc!
Found 14th Jan 2015Found 14th Jan 2015
While stocks last!!! Only available to Thameswater customers (My first post)

I ordered these months ago from my own water company. The tap converters didn't fit any of my taps. The shower head is not suitable for electric showers. I switched to water meter about 6 months ago and my bills have gone down from £68 to £24.


Thanks O.P. Getting my parents to save water before they get forced on to a meter. I'm on Anglia water too.


I agree bills could always be cheaper however unlike energy companies whose material costs fluctuate, water companies have to control and create their water and physically pump it. That is very energy intensive and i think, compared to the cost of gas and electric its not expensive at all - although of course i'd love it to be cheaper. Also Thames is one of the cheapest bills in the water industry.


ORDERED! :D thanks - nearly bought a new shower head the other day too! :D


Address Lookup is now back on line. I have just placed my order

Thames Water Freebies - Order from website
Found 26th Nov 2014Found 26th Nov 2014
Thames water are giving away free tap filters, shower heads etc. Go onto the link and order it now before they run out or stop promotion.



not for everyone...


Got a few shower heads before. Really useful


Needed a new shower head, cheers! :)


Got these before. Nice

Free water saving devices from Thames Water
Found 25th Oct 2014Found 25th Oct 2014
So Thames Water are offering some free devices to help reduce the amount of water used. You get to choose any 2 devices from the following: Shower Head Shower save (screws directl… Read more

Had this before. Good find


Thames Water are giving away free water saving devices for your home. * Shower Head * Showersave (screws directly into the hose to restrict flow) * Kitchen Swivel Taps * Tap inserts * Fat-trap (for stopping cooking oil etc going down the drain) * Hose trigger * Save-a-flush (basically like putting a brick in the cistern) * Shower timer (four-minute egg-timer thingy)


got the same

Free water-saving devices from Thames Valley Water
Found 17th Apr 2014Found 17th Apr 2014
You can order all of the following, with free P&P, if you live within the TVW catchment area: Showerhead Showersave Kitchen swivel taps Tap inserts Hose Trigger Save-a-flush S… Read more
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Sorry, just searched for Thames Valley Water and didn't see it earlier! But will retire this one now. :)


Already posted




the shower heads are fab too!


hose trigger is brilliant. kingfisher brand so good quality.

Free hose gun, shower head and more! Thames water
Found 11th Mar 2014Found 11th Mar 2014
free: shower head hose gun shower save kitchen sink swivel tap tap inserts and other things all are free and save water... bargin! Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.
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No free stuff


Just ordered similar from seven treat water


There tighter than a ducks ****.......Quack Quack


I received all mine last week, just over 5 days to delivery.



Thames water freebies
Found 10th Jun 2013Found 10th Jun 2013
Ordered a showehead and water saver, cant go wrong with free delivery! Hope its useful for someone.
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I ordered all 8 products, VOTED HOT and thank you!!


yes had mine ages ago. Even ordered one more for the garden


has anyone got theres?


Brilliant deal , Just ordered a load. Have some heat my friend!


still using the kitchen tap insert/add on and shower head from the last time I saw them do this promo over a year ago. Both aerate the water to reduce actual water useage and work better than what we had before.

Thames Water Saving Freebies
Found 20th May 2013Found 20th May 2013
If you are a Thames water customer there are a number of water saving devices you can order for free.

Ive done this three times now they say I am not accepted but the items still come through the post!


Thanks. Ordered.


Just checked with my LL apparently it's all inclusive of rent charge


Broken britain


dont remeber paying for any water bill since ive moved into my london flat 4 years ago

from water-saving shower heads, which can be just as effective as a standard shower head, to water gel crystals for your plants - we've got loads of freebies to choose from.
Found 24th Jul 2012Found 24th Jul 2012
order free devices It's really easy to reduce the amount of water you use at home and in the garden with our freebie devices. From water-saving shower heads, which can be just a… Read more

Thank you should recieve goods in 10 days :):):) heat added


Has anyone got theirs yet?


HAS ANYone recieved them yet?




Thanks for that!

Free Showerhead + water-saving devices for Thames Water customers
Found 14th Jun 2012Found 14th Jun 2012
As title. Got the shower head last year and its great. Other items are available. Showersave Showerhead Tap inserts Kitchen Swivel Taps Hippo Save-a-Flush Shower Timer Few leaflet… Read more

I a showerhead via Severn Trent Water and it's fab!! Love it. Never thought I'd like it better than my previous one. Our previous showerhead which we bought with our new shower unit you can adjust the type of spray and its volume etc. Although you can't adjust the force/type of spray on the free showerhead its volume and delivery of water is very good. Worth ordering it to see for yourself. You won't lose anything as it's free and no postage and packaging costs. Nice to be able to order a useful item after years of paying those water rates! Can always revert back to your previous one if it's not to your liking. Heat!! 8)


A showersave screws into the bottom of the shower hose and saves you water and energy :) It looks like this:


Hi There received mine on sat thank you for the post great shower head x


someone enlighten me on what a "showersave" is...:(


do you get charged if youre not registered with them

Free shower head / tap inserts + more for Thameswater Customers (other areas too).
Found 13th May 2012Found 13th May 2012
Just came across this when checking the hosepipe ban status. Thames Water (maybe other water companies too) are offering freebies to customers. You can choose from: - Showersave … Read more

I a showerhead via Severn Trent Water and it's fab!! Love it. Never thought I'd like it better than my previous one. Our previous showerhead which we bought with our new shower unit you can adjust the type of spray and its volume etc. Although you can't adjust the force/type of spray on the free showerhead its volume and delivery of water is very good. Worth ordering it to see for yourself. You won't lose anything as it's free and no postage and packaging costs. Nice to be able to order a useful item after years of paying those water rates! Can always revert back to your previous one if it's not to your liking. Heat!!


not neccessarily.


These parts don't work on electric/power showers and are only for those with mixer taps straight from the water supply. If you try to fit these to a standard electric/power shower you will break it!!


Try here for other companies


Thanks for this! x

Thameswater - Waterwisely initiative - various water savings devices
Found 19th Apr 2012Found 19th Apr 2012
Thames water has started a water saving initiative by offering various devices to save the water usage in house. The places that these devices can be uses are all across the house … Read more
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Although this has been posted like a million times...It's great for the people who don't know about it already.


JUST GOT THE ITEMS FROM UNITED UTILITIES only 4 items avaialble from them


yeah, got a free shower head the last time this was posted. great freebie.


this is better more stuff to grab on offer specially the save a flush pack.


Thanks :)

Free Showerhead From Thames Water
Found 27th Mar 2012Found 27th Mar 2012
If we supply your water then you can order a free water saving device. Take a look at our video guides for instructions on how to install your device.

True True, oops


Already posted


Hi Yes i think it works according to the area as Im not their customer and they send it to me.


think is not if they supply your water but what areas they supply within i got this email "The delivery postcode does not appear to be in the region for water supplied by Thames Water, if you believe you are served for WATER SUPPLY by Thames Water please quote Order Number: SWSM-TW-6553576 and get in touch via "


Thanks ordered!

Free Water Gadgets For Thames Water Customers
Found 1st Jul 2011Found 1st Jul 2011
Thames Water have a online shop for free water gadgets. Can't be bad for free! Gadgets include: watering hose gun, water retaining gel (gardening), shower timer, swivel tap aerator… Read more

also they get paid by the government ( ie us!!) to give these away to be greener and get a big "green" bonus, just look what happen to British gas yesterday when they got their sums wrong, yest that was for renewable energy, but its the same for these and the "eco plugs" that they all give away. not complianing about them gving away as such , but its all about meeting their targets to either get a bonus or not get a penalty, and if they get peanlised its not the directors who wiill suffer no it the users ( on that will be us again) that pay through higher prices. so take the freebee that we pay for or we the user will have to pay in higher prices because they companies failed to meet their targets: oh and incase you think im making this all up start here


Why would people not on a water meter want to use less but pay the same?. It's not about the planet either as how much do they lose via broken pipes and needless water features.


Be nice if they just lowered their prices rather than gimmicks. Still, Hot. Thanks.


Some of them come and go or are out of stock so not really an issue as it reminds ppl to check.


Thanks I missed previous posts. They are giving quite a bit of stuff too.

Free Shower Head (rrp £44.05) @ Thames Water (To All Thames Water Customers)
Found 11th Apr 2011Found 11th Apr 2011
My first submission so be gentle ;) Free shower head to all Thames water customers, 3 to choose from, plus a water saving inline filter. Many more items to order too. This aerati… Read more

still available


Still available: Shower Heads Hose Trigger Gun Swivel Tap Aerator ShowerSave Wash Basin Tap Inserts Save-A-Flush Hippo Shower Timer Water Gel Use Water Wisely leaflet


the choice has been cut but some things are still available :)


Nice to get some thing back from them for free, Cheers good fine! Heat added!


Thanks for letting me know, I re-ordered one. #YNWA! (_;)