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Posted 16 August 2022

Wave Race 64 joins Nintendo Switch Online & Expansion Pack on 19th August @ Nintendo

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Wave Race 64 comes to Switch Online N64 Collection on 19th August

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    Legendary game
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    Woo hoo! Probably one of my most fav games on the n64, even though it's probably rubbish by today's standards, the nostalgia alone will make me happy. I remember seeing this in a shop and being blown away by the water and how nothing came close to that before then(And after for quite a while).
    Now we just need blast corps and pilot wings and I can get on with finally completing those after many years....
    One reason to not complete everything that you get now is so you can play them years later and have the addition of nostalgia!

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    100% still a fantastic game even by today's standards. It's my go to n64 game.
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    Bk in the day, this was a technical showcase on the N64!
    I remember walking past a kiosk in argos in '96/'97 or somewhen seeing this running, wow, you just don't get those moments anymore

    mind was blown
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    That feeling you get after 25 years and once again hearing "welcome to... Sunset Bay" ❤️
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    Awesome. Finally.
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    Maybe a sign that we are getting a sequel 🤞
    Wave Race Blue Storm on Gamecube
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    I love wave race but is this a 50 quid a year subscription or is there some other way to get it?

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    It's absolutely fine (I've done this for the past 3 years on 3 different accounts). Just use your usual account, Nintendo don't care if you share with others outside of the family, they have no way of checking if you're related anyway. If you look at the discussion forums on this site there's usually people starting a subscription for £7.50 a slot per year. (edited)
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    I really wish I could just buy this on switch rather than have to subscribe for the rest of my life if I wish to play it every year. Guess I'll continue playing it on original N64 and emulator. Nintendo's business models really frustrate me.
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    Have to pay £60 a year with no monthly option. Stuff it, since I bought the origional will just play on an emulator.
    I paid £6 a year by joining a family group
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    Amazing music in this game!
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    Add Blastcorps, Banjo Tooie and a few other classic gems and I will be happy. Waverace is a fantastic game though and Im looking forward to having a play without the need for emulation on another device:-)
    Not sure you'll get those on the Switch as Microsoft have those IPs when they bought Rare. You can still play them on Rare Replay though.
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    25 years on and I don’t think any game has handled the feel of waves better than this. Especially the levels that get a bit stormy and start throwing you around. Killer soundtrack as well
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    Great game. Went to play & it says I need to be an online member (which I am) AND an expansion pack member (which I’m not) what the hell nintendo!
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    I’m buying a Switch just to play this!
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    At last Nintendo 😃
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    Not a deal.
    Why isn’t a deal? 🤷‍♂️
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    Mmm, this or the Gamecube version of Wave Race on Steam Deck via Dolphin???

    Part of me wants to support Nintendo for making old games available to play on 'modern' ish hardware, part of me wants Nintendo to stick their aggressive pricing models up their ....
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    Rumble support?

    I end up playing fzeroX on the wii u in preference to switch as there is no rumble on the switch version.
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    That's the case for all of the N64 (and Genesis) games, it's no secret.
    Not been on my switch in a good few months so it was news to me.
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    That soundtrack 🔥🔥🔥
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    I loved this game