Waves iGTR Portable Amp £69.95 £3.95 postage
Waves iGTR Portable Amp £69.95   £3.95 postage

Waves iGTR Portable Amp £69.95 £3.95 postage

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Why bother carting around a cumbersome cabinet and a pile of stompboxes when you can slip the amazing Waves iGTR Personal Guitar Processor in your pocket.

Rock out!
Battery-operated, this sleek box of electronic whizz-bangery is set to revolutionise the way plank spankers rehearse because it delivers the sound of various guitar amps and effects, anytime, anyplace. Simply plug in your guitar, hook up some headphones or a speaker and you're ready to rock...or roll, or wah-wah, or reverb, or phase, or whatever you fancy. The amazingly tweakable iGTR can add virtually any effect. You can even plug in your MP3 player and strum along to your favourite tunes or daisy-chain two iGTRs together to jam along with friends.

You don't need a doctorate in astrophysics to operate the iGTR; it's simple, intuitive and user-friendly. All you do is adjust the dials (Ambience, Modulation and Virtual Amp) and get plucking. Like Mr Spock at a Nine Inch Nails gig, you won't believe your ears. In fact the iGTR sounds so real even twangers who are used to monster amps and mile-long pedal decks can't tell the software from the actual gear.

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