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Free Waves H-Comp Compressor Plugin VST @ Waves
Found 25th Nov 2018Found 25th Nov 2018
This is one of the best compressors in the market. (This plugin is used for music production in your computer.) Get it from here for free: https://www.waves.com/lpn/cyber-monday-… Read more
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Yes I am afraid so, their software protection tech is the most annoying. I guess people have been putting up with this because of the competitive price of their plugins.


Jumped through lots of hoops finally got the ridiculously long serial no, but no sign of a download of the plugin (mad) Can this be used independently anyway? Seems you've got to install 'Waves' first.




One of my favourite plugins! Enjoy (y)


Thanks! (y)

Kramer Master Tape Plugin £22.63. Usually $249
Found 26th Oct 2018Found 26th Oct 2018
Usually $249. Developed in association with Eddie Kramer, the Kramer Master Tape plugin is modeled on a rare vintage 1/4" reel-to-reel machine. With adjustable tape speed, bias, f… Read more

Has it got DOLBY nr?


Wot no dropouts? :)


Usually $249 Its never that price! This is Waves doing an Amazon! Awesome, any idea how long it is on sale for? Waves do sales literally every week! Personally I would demo it and if you like it wait for a better deal. Having said that I appreciate the post.


Liked the video on the page. Have always thought these sound engineers were cleverer than space shuttle pilots due to them have a million more buttons, knobs and levers.


Awesome, any idea how long it is on sale for?

Waves Tune only $29 (pro autotune plugin)
Found 13th Jul 2018Found 13th Jul 2018
Waves Tune only $29 (pro autotune plugin)
Normal price around $250, often on sale for half that, but I've been waiting for ages for it to drop down further and it's now the cheapest I've seen it. This is not the crippled L… Read more

Waves stuff is usually cheaper at this site regardless of their own offers. $25.89 right now but you have to create an account to see their prices: http://everyplugin.com/tune.htm




Don't call it music if it's auto tuned

Music Production: Waves H Hybrid Reverb plugin (£252) - £21 today only @ Waves
Found 4th Mar 2018Found 4th Mar 2018
Music Production: Waves H Hybrid Reverb plugin (£252) - £21 today only @ Waves
£21£25292%Waves Deals
A good saving on paper, but not sure how much more this gives over the usually low priced options. Deal is today only. Resonant filter sweeps for creating innovative reverb effe… Read more

Audiodeluxe.com is also a good site for savings as they tend to add their own discounts on checkout. I think I got the h-reverb plugin for £19.60 a day or two ago.


Thanks for the heads up.


WAVES stuff is invariably on sale one place or another much of the time so the RRP is there to fool those new to the pricing game that many Music software companies play. I looked at one other site and it's slightly cheaper there: http://everyplugin.com/h-reverb.html The bundle is here at $72: http://everyplugin.com/h-series.html They are a reputable site. If you give a Californian address for example (some states charge tax on online sales) and pay with PayPal then you don't pay tax.


The best reverb plugin I've ever used by far. Got it last year and I don't use anything else now


How dods this compare to the stock plug-ins for Pro Tools First? ( im new to music production )

Music Production: Waves REDD EQ piugin (£180) - £21 today only @ Waves
Found 4th Mar 2018Found 4th Mar 2018
Music Production: Waves REDD EQ piugin (£180) - £21 today only @ Waves
£21£18088%Waves Deals
One for the few music producers/DAW owners. Looks to be a very good EQ deal (for today only), although reviews state that it is very CPU intensive. London's Abbey Road Studios we… Read more

I understand that and not sure why they do it! I've spent thousands of dollars there and it has all been kosher; they are a major seller I think.


Thanks. However as soon as I read "The price is Too Low to be shown to the public" and being a member of the public, it makes me not to want to buy from them!


Cheaper here: http://everyplugin.com/redd.html


Demos available on youtube:

$30 OFF any plugin at Waves.com
Found 28th Nov 2016Found 28th Nov 2016
$30 OFF any plugin at Waves.com
CM30 gets $30 off total price even for items on sale. Musician2 suite can be had for mere $10 (usually $99) and Waves Gold set of 38 plugins for $169 (normally $799). Very good de… Read more

SuperTap is free at the moment too. Is the Musician2 bundle still useful? I think it's pretty old now.


So, actually £24.13 off in sterling!

Waves IR1 Convolution Reverb £29.99 @ waves
Found 16th Feb 2016Found 16th Feb 2016
Waves IR1 Convolution Reverb £29.99 @ waves
Hi, This is an absolute steal. Waves always have a sale or other going on for lots of their plugins, but this one never seems to come in at a good price. Until now. Grab their IR1 … Read more

Is this better than the trueverb they gave away on Black Friday?


Would have this had I not got the Max for Live one. If you get it from Audiodeluxe you can get it for $26.95


Wow not the kind of thing normally on here. Awesome find, certainly beats piracy at this price

Waves TrueVerb Reverb Plugin
Found 27th Nov 2015Found 27th Nov 2015
Waves TrueVerb Reverb Plugin
When it comes to music production, you can't really beat the Waves plugins! The TrueVerb plugin is usually $99, but for Black Friday you can pick it up for free.

Age is no barrier from using google.


Smart ass. this was a honest question from an 85 year old man just getting into tech things. No need to be clever


If you don't know what it does, you don't need it ;)


... https://www.google.co.uk/


Hi. What does it do please

Waves Silver Bundle  £100.71 usually £402
Found 29th Mar 2015Found 29th Mar 2015
Waves Silver Bundle £100.71 usually £402
£100.71Waves Deals
You’re making music. Maybe you’ve got some tunes up online, and you’re starting to attract some real attention. Or your band is packing the clubs, and you’re ready to lay down som… Read more
OneKnob Pumper - Sidechain Compression plugin free @ Waves.com (usually $80)
Found 28th Nov 2014Found 28th Nov 2014
OneKnob Pumper - Sidechain Compression plugin free @ Waves.com (usually $80)
Black Friday Giveaway at Waves.com - known for their waves plugin suite used in pro music studios "Designed for achieving an instant ducking effect, OneKnob Pumper simulates sidec… Read more

Not got a clue what it is but the name made me giggle at 7.53am so gotta give you some heat for it OP :p


Very nice, thank you!





Thanks will do for my remix of lifted.

Waves Silver Audio Plugin Bundle - 75% off! - £92
Found 29th Nov 2013Found 29th Nov 2013
Waves Silver Audio Plugin Bundle - 75% off! - £92
Budget bundle of Waves audio plugins. Normally around £400 so this is a massive discount for music makers out there. 16 pro plugins for the price of one. Lots of discounts on the… Read more

The deal, and others, are all still available, so perhaps unexpire this? Also, Waves are offering Rennaisance Bass plug-in for free.... http://www.waves.com/lpn/black-friday/free-plugin


Oh wow. Do you know how long they've been charging that?


Seems to be the going rate just now, Thomann and other sources all working out around £91-£93.


I would suggest searching around Gearslutz and KVR Audio for further information.


Yeah, not often to find some genuinely good deals on them. I'm interested in this heavy-handed copy protection scheme and not entirely spotless customer support record. What's do you mean by that?

Waves Platinum Bundle (Native) + OneKnob Louder for free £375 @ Waves
Found 24th Nov 2012Found 24th Nov 2012
Waves Platinum Bundle (Native) + OneKnob Louder for free £375 @ Waves
For anyone making music, this is a great deal. I've been watching this package at a few places like Digital Village 247 for just under £600 (if you use Google shopping right now yo… Read more