wavesecure 1 year for $14.90 (£9.70)
wavesecure 1 year for $14.90 (£9.70)

wavesecure 1 year for $14.90 (£9.70)

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Remotely lock down your device
Wipe out important data stored on your mobile to protect your privacy
Back up your data from your phone or remotely on the web
Access your data online from anywhere. Restore your data to a new phone
Locate your lost phone and plot the locations on a map
Track SIM cards inserted and phone calls made to help get your lost phone back


Excellent software, although it was free until Feb I'd happily pay for it now if I had to. Just a shame you have to root your phone to get the best protection*, but I understand the reasoning for this. Voted hot.

* Normally you can see your phones accurate location only when the GPS is enabled, if you root the phone you can turn this on remotely. This means as well as all the fun you can have reading your phone thieves texts, calling his mum and saying he's been in an accident, telling his GF you caught him in bed with your missus etc. you can also go round and beat the thieving scrotes head in when you've finished. This software rocks!


ust a shame you have to root your phone to get the best protection

Rooting your phone!? You could do yourself an injury...

Great for the insanely paranoid

Good deal. I'd get it if it worked on the iPhone.


Good deal. I'd get it if it worked on the iPhone.

Sadly, Apple would never approve it, as their own MobileMe service does something similar

Great idea and a nice saving. Being android and therefore open source I'm surprised there's not a free equivalent out, but until there is, this is a cracker.

Sounds a good idea but (taken from the website) "To enable WaveSecure to turn on GPS remotely, you will need root access on your phone and have WaveSecure installed as a system application. Note that rooting your phone is both risky and complicated. You may void your warranty or worse end up bricking your phone. Do this at your own risk!"

Great software, signed up whilst it was a beta, so still free for myself.

Works great on my rooted HTC Magic.


Great for the insanely paranoid

I'm not paranoid, I'd just like to know should my phone get stolen I can find the person responsible. Not like the police would do it for me, its only a phone.

Plus the amusement factor of having full access to their SIM of course, I'd probably leave it a few days before visiting them
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