Waybuloo Interactive Play Mat only £7.99 in Home Bargains!! RRP £29.99!

Waybuloo Interactive Play Mat only £7.99 in Home Bargains!! RRP £29.99!

Found 8th Dec 2010Made hot 9th Dec 2010
Spotted this in my local HB today!

Currently £30 in Boots.

Waybuloo Interactive play trail mat with 4 interactive games

Play and learn with Yojojo, Nok Tok and De Li on this electronic floor mat that details a journey between the village and the Yogo machine! Each game has its own button symbolised by one of the Pipling characters, with each Pipling introducing their own game mode. Child development skills are present during each activity, ranging from counting to co-ordination. 'Make music' with Yojojo, 'play peeka' with De Li, 'count from 1 to 10 with Nok Tok and 'journey through Nara' with Lau Lau. Futher down the Trail you go, the games get progressively more difficult, so the toy grows with the child and offers lasting appeal. To preserve the battery, each game shuts off automatically after 2 minutes, however, there is a physical on/off switch underneath the Mat.

• Four interactive games with mat encourage coordination, learning, counting and listening skills.

o Game 1 – make music with Yo Jo Jo.

o Game 2 – play Peeka with Di Li.

o Game 3 – Count from 1 – 10 with Nok Tok.

o Game 4 - Journey through Nara with Lau Lau.

• Each button is symbolised by a Pipling with each Pipling introducing their own game.

• Each game is a step up in age and will grow with the child giving longer lasting appeal.

• Auto shut off on each game after 2 mins to preserve battery life.

• Sound unit requires 3 x AA batteries (not included).

• Size (H) 117cm (W) 34cm.

• Suitable for ages 18 months +.


Aww i wish i had a home and bargains near me,my wee one wid love this n its a fantastic price too

Great price, thanks

Wow fantastic price! Been searching for Waybuloo toys! Hope they have them in my local store, hot from me :o)


great price. thank you
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