Waybuloo pool was £35 now £11.67  delivered with 20% off code @elc

Waybuloo pool was £35 now £11.67 delivered with 20% off code @elc


Looks pretty good for only £10.50.

How much to get the weather to improve so you can use it though?

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im going to fill mine with balls , so it can be a little ball pit with a mini slide saving it for a xmas pressie x

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sorry tatally put the title in wrong just worked it out as i have just ordered its 10.50 plus the delivery of £4.95 minus the 20% off code it works out at £13.35 delivered xx dont forget quidco 5%

Is it not this price instore?

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i recived a email saying online so im not sure if its in store aswell , i didnt want to risk waiting a few days to get to the town as knowing my luck they would not have any xx

Well Ive voted it hot, just not sure whether to get it. Running out of room for toys.


This should be instore and you don't need to use the voucher to get it fo £13.35 as it already has 20% off online making it £8.40 plus delivery of £4.95, which totals £13.35, may be worth ringing your local store if you can collect and getting it for £8.40 instead.x

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awww it was 10.50 last night and i orderd one at that price , just phoned elc asking if i could place a new order and cancel the old one and the refunded the diffrence !!! wasnt that lovely xx

Glad I waited till this morning, just bought one. Be good for this baby and the next one.

Just bought one for my little boy!! Can't wait! We got him the other ball pool and it wasn't very big and cost alot more.


Thank you just ordered along with Waybuloo Peek a Pod (tent) £12 @ ELC form another post came to about £21 good deal but Iam going to put them away for my sons 2nd birthday next May as I dont think weather is going to hold out for this year!!

i saw this couple of weeks ago instore at £10.50 and was tempted . decided to go in and get it today and it was down to £8.40 !! bargain. will put it away for next summer
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