Waybuloo: Yo Jo Jo Playset only £3.99 delivered @ Play

Waybuloo: Yo Jo Jo Playset only £3.99 delivered @ Play

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Found 19th Jul 2010
Waybuloo is like nothing children have ever seen before, the series transports children into a magical land called Nara - a real world, which is inhabited by four adorable CGI animated characters called Piplings. Taking a completely original approach, Waybuloo focuses on children's feelings, and the Piplings each embody a range of emotions, Yojojo the monkey-like Pipling represents happiness, the rabbit-like Pipling Lau Lau represents imagination, De Li is kitten-like and represents love and Nok Tok is the bear-like Pipling who represents wisdom.

2 fun playsets to collect. Yojojo & Lau Lau. Each set will come with 1 figure, 4 play pieces and fun lifting feature in the tree so that the characters can be "floated" off the ground in play.

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