Waynes World 1 +Waynes World 2 -Boxset ----£5.00 Delivered
Waynes World 1 +Waynes World 2 -Boxset ----£5.00 Delivered

Waynes World 1 +Waynes World 2 -Boxset ----£5.00 Delivered

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Wayne's World: Wayne and Garth, the horny, heavy metal-loving teenage heroes of the popular "Saturday Night Live" skit, hit the big screen. They're still doing their cable-access show out of the Wayne's basement in Aurora, Illinois; only now a sleazy TV executive named Benjamin Oliver wants a piece of the action. As the babe 'n' band obsessed adolescents negotiate the shark-infested waters of network television, Wayne finds 'amore' in the form of a heavy metal femme fatale with a penchant for skin-tight costumes. But can Wayne keep his new lady love out Oliver's unsavory clutches?

Wayne's World 2: Wayne and Garth are finished with high school. But Wayne's struggling to find his place in the real world of full-fledged adults. In a way-cool dream, Wayne's escorted by a Native American to a meet the late, great Jim Morrison, who advises the troubled teen to put on an outdoor concert: "If you book them, they will come." So Wayne heeds the word and stages his very own Waynestock. If he can pull off the concert while protecting Cassandra, his super-babe-of-a-girlfriend, from evil record producer Bobby Cahn, he can prove, once and for all... he's worthy!



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