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Posted 22 December 2022

1TB - WD_BLACK SN850X M.2 2280 PCIe Gen4 NVMe Gaming SSD up to 7300 MB/s - £94.98 / 2TB - £172.98 @ Amazon

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Cheaper direct from WD after 10% TCB but there's a chance it may not track.
Amazon More details at Amazon
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    Does PS5 does its own overprovisioning on NVMe?

    2TB, that would be a loss of like 20% of space (edited)
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    Can never see this product the same ever again after that generous reduction
    "Generous reduction" lol... It was a glitch / misprice.
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    Can never see this product the same ever again after that glitch / misprice
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    Are Amazon glitches a regular occurance?
    No, and I wish they cancelled all the glitched orders and just gave a good discount to everyone. When glitches occur you will see a flood of the product on places like ebay too..
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    4TB up at a decent price.
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    Look Microsoft. PS5 superfast 1TB SSD for below £100

    Take some notes
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    Getting cheaper all the time. Only good news
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    Just installed this in my new Linux PC (never had PCIe 4.0 until now) - I missed the price glitch, but someone was probably reselling a glitch-purchased one on eBay, so I got it new for £85. With a CPU platform change from an R7 1700 to an i5 13600K at the same time, the first thing I noticed that doubled its speed (which is what the CPU/storage changes should theoretically do) was OS updates - they are lightningly quick now (mind you, anything is in comparison to Windows Update :-) ).

    A word of warning to Linux users - while the drive works fine out of the box, if you want to do a firmware update (my firmware was out of date), WD provide no official way to update the firmware on Linux, which is very poor in this day and age. No fwupd/LVFS support, no ISO image and no raw binary firmware image either, although WD is supposedly "uploading firmware [to fwupd/LVFS] on behalf of other vendors", but apparently not for its own branded drives the public can buy - duh!

    The PC builder left an unactivated Windows 11 on my new PC, so I went through through the horrible setup process, downloaded the Windows-only WD utility, patched the firmware and then wiped Windows 11 (which manages something I thought was impossible - being worse than Windows 10). I'll still have a problem for future updates, so I think I'll contact WD and suggest they add their consumer drives to fwupd/LVFS. All hardware vendors should do this and then we'd have one single firmware updater for multiple hardware and OSs (yes, Windows is supported - MS should really ship fwupd with Windows to get some inertia on this - a lot of OEMs are still ignoring it). (edited)
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    Is this really worth it over Sn770? I think not based on recent reviews, what do you guys think?
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    I've had a bit of time with the drive now and it's worth it at this price as a boot drive and for putting your most frequently used apps/games on it. I keep the bulk of my game collection on a 2TB PCIe 3.0 NVMe drive and experimented moving some large-ish (40-50GB) games between the two and it was very fast indeed - probably under 2 minutes to move 5 games.