WD Elements 1TB £69.97 instore at Asda

WD Elements 1TB £69.97 instore at Asda

Found 28th Sep 2010
WD Elements external hard drive, not a bad price for a large, reliable drive


would this work on the ps3?again

Sorry OP,but if you have a look round you will see this available for just over £53-54 at other retailers.

Cold from me.

got this for 49 from amazon few week ago

Worst.WD Elements Deal.Ever.

Not reliable,

Sub Zero

Not reliable,

Mines been fine but I agree this is about £20 too much to be a bargain. Sorry.

Sub Zero

ARE reliable but overpriced,

There ya go, fixed it for ya buddy.

Was around £45 at tesco.com i know its not instore but for the price i can wait a day or so for free delivery to my local store
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