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WD Elements Desktop Recertified 16TB External HDD / 8TB £94.50 - with Code

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Works out at just under £10.69 a TB.

8TB is £94.50 with code.


Instant, Add-On Storage

Reliable, high-capacity storage for ultrafast data transfers.

Massive Capacity
With up to 5TB capacity, there's plenty of room for all your important files and precious memories.

Transfer Files Fast
When connected to a SuperSpeed USB 3.0 port, you can access and save files and transfer your HD movies faster than ever.

Plug-and-Play Simplicity
Works right out of the box with Windows® PC. Just plug into the USB port to instantly add storage.

USB 3.0 And USB 2.0 Compatibility
With this single drive you get compatibility with the latest USB 3.0 devices and backward compatibility with USB 2.0 devices as well.

WD Quality Inside And Out
For years, millions of people worldwide have trusted their data to WD hard drives, and our first concern is to reliably store that data. So we build the drive to our demanding requirements for durability, shock tolerance and long-term reliability.
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  1. fkyfrankie's avatar
    What warrenty do you get with these?
    fkyfrankie's avatar
    Answering my own question. Looks like 1 year limited warranty
  2. vI_M4YH3Mz_Iv's avatar
    will a hdd work for storing and playing 4k uhd remux files via plex or direct from my pc via the kodi media player? they are high bitrate and i dont want video stutter
    Burnham1987's avatar
    I have the 20tb version, no issues in 4k remux
  3. fablanta's avatar
    52186316-0H8kh.jpgSeems like you lose quite a few terabytes to formatting (edited)
    Adrian_9BY's avatar
    It says this even if you select the 2TB version. You are NOT going to lose 11TB through formatting.
  4. Richard_Geggie's avatar
    I run some extended tests before shucking them, and yes it takes days! But it's best to at least minimize the chance of failure in the first few weeks. Most drives fail either at the start or at the end of their life. It's not exactly cheap buying these drives to put in a NAS so I find it worth the time.
    welshblob's avatar
    Well they would definitely be at the end of their life if they were to fail
  5. pwel's avatar
    Having heard that many of these fail, I don't know what's better choice, buying this or 5yo enterprise one for similar price.
    MaxJenson's avatar
    WD manufacturing quality changed just before COVID hit. They no longer make reliable mechanicals. Whether it be a Red Pro, a Red Plus, a Gold etc. An old budget Blue from ten years ago had far better quality than anything WD makes today. Not only are we paying more now than we did a decade ago, but we are getting a less reliable product.

    If you want a mechanical drive with decent manufacturing, get a Toshiba. Even their cheapest are made to a quality standard.

    Older WD My Books/Elements had White label drives which were just relabeled Reds (from when Reds were actually good drives), now they are the same rubbish as every other WD drive. (edited)
  6. TheEmperor's avatar
    My experience with these 16TB WD Elements drives has been abysmal; every recertified drive I've bought has failed miserably.
    Spidereater_Spiderman's avatar
    And here, any hard drives refurb or recertified are bad news...buy new
  7. uni's avatar
    got a couple thanks. the 18tb mybooks were £65 more each, £130 for a pair. i was holding out for a couple of 20tb or 18tb but haven't seen a decent price in a long time. going from 14tb to 16tb will give me a bit of time to find bigger at a decent price. the 20tb mybooks would have been good but never seen the recerts in stock and have an alert on them
  8. Hippos's avatar
    Many thanks OP, bought another 16TB unit to add to an existing 16TB refurb that was £199.99 back in October 2023.

    I've gone through TCB, worth a try!
  9. Kishibe_Noa's avatar
    "Unable to calculate tax. Please contact Customer Service." anyone else getting this error?
    HellNo's avatar
    Same here, can't get past it.
    Tried chrome and Firefox and tried another address as well. (edited)
  10. KostjaKon's avatar
    Went for the newer range 14tb MyBook for £159.65 (Inc tcb). Don't like the older desktop Elements drives.
  11. VimesUK's avatar
    Managed to get another one at the reduced price. So that's two ordered. Again, thanks OP
  12. Arc's avatar
    Are these sold with minimum SMART characteristics guarantees? You wouldn't buy a second hand car without knowing the mileage or service history.
  13. roukillingtime's avatar
    I ordered mine Friday for £189 and it's been dispatched. Should have held out :/
    sirkenyard's avatar
    I also got the previous. I'm tempted to mail about it or request a return since it's within 30 days.. (edited)
  14. johnro's avatar
    What discs you might get with these?
    Trying to see if x16 16tb are a better choice
  15. Muzzzzzzz's avatar
    They are not as good as they used to be (when they got warmer / gas change) but not much is, but still good. I'm hoping this is the start of a downwards trend in cost.
  16. TerryT's avatar
    What do people use these for? I would like a trusty backup solution to my files- long term storage for media, uncompressed assets and project files (I do a fair amount of motion graphics).

    My routine is to purge older stuff, it would be nice to preserve instead. I just massively fear putting all my eggs in one 16TB basket so to speak, if it fails I’m stuffed?! Is it standard to buy multiple?

    I don’t want to waste money for the sake of it but would gladly invest in a reliable long term storage backup. Is this about as good as it gets? Can these be hooked up to a decent router and access them through network (and media files on TV, like 4K/HDR without performance issues?)
    johnro's avatar
    Ain't that router dependent? They're usb, PnP

    I'm trying to find out what type of drives you might be getting with these too. No luck so far
  17. Spidereater_Spiderman's avatar
    Don't bother there sh...!!!
  18. jrandrews72's avatar
    Out of stock
  19. madsaltydog's avatar
    My order was cancelled... Thanks WD
    VimesUK's avatar
    Damn, that is not good for you.
  20. VimesUK's avatar
    My second one has turned up. Both have now been delivered.
    Albeit initial testing so far, they seem fine.
    fastjoel's avatar
    Mine showed up this morning showing 0 hours in SMART, are yours the same? Not sure if they reset the values or maybe I just got a new disk by sheer luck?
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