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Posted 29 November 2022

WD Elements SE (Recertified) 5TB £69.99/ 4TB £55.99 @ Western Digital

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4tb £55,99
5tb £69,99

Possible discount on student /senior

4 TB
5 TB

Working with PS4 storage

Western Digital More details at Western Digital
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    Did these increase in price? I swear recertified used to be cheaper, closer to £50 for 5TB

    Edit: Yea, gone up
    hotukdeals.com/dea…926 (edited)
    Yeah, to me this is a bit steep for a recert 5tb
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    Anyone has more info about the 'not shuckable' 2.5" HDDs?

    ie, external HDDs tend to be cheaper than internal HDDs (for whatever reason), is there any way to know if an external HDD can be used as a standard SATA one?

    Or if any company offers them being shuckable by default? I've got 6 of them and all of them I think have proprietary connections by reading comments after the purchase!
    Yep, unfortunately all WD external drives have proprietary controller boards with usb connections integrated.

    Seagate, Toshiba & Intego external HD’s are fully shuckable (ironically Intego ones tend to have WD drives in )
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    Anyone know the speed on these?
    Here is mine. 48875444-TAGqR.jpg
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    Mine arrived yesterday the connector is completely knackered, if you even sneeze on it it disconnects, the drive is fine as far as I can see, but this is going back asap. Their recertification process is clearly defective.
    Wish they would give up on that connector. Similar experiences. Much prefer a USB C.
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    I always check new & recertified wd hard drives running an extended test using their “data lifeguard” software. Takes hours to complete though on large capacity drives.

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    Think they are a bit dearer than usual I may be wrong. Think I paid just over £49. (edited)
    Prices seem expensive across the board for HDD's at the moment, been waiting ages for a decent price on an 8TB drive for backup
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    Yep should. Be nearer 50 quid. For 5tb
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    Great deal, but unfortunately, as far as I’m aware, not shuckable
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    I bought a recertified WD elements 5tb few months back. Used it to backup photos. Tries copying some of them to a ssd for faster editing. Could not copy as numerous read errors!!! I would never buy recertified hdds there after
    Thanks was almost about to buy one
    But was concerned this could happen. Only bought brand new hdds over the years, touch wood never had a problem.
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    If was shuckable I could have moved it to a new enclosure, but no it seems to be an all-in-one internal board now more fools them. Just sending it back for them to send out to another sucker I guess?
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    Unfortunately you can't use a student discount in conjunction with this offer.
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    Hi OP
    Discount how? Please share tia
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    Possible TCB 6.8% and 10% off with WD newsletter sign-up, may not stack - 10% applied to original price only, not much use (edited)
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    Recertified are too risky
    But suitable as a second, just-in-case backup for Mac Time Machine? I alternate backups between 2 different external HDDs and just found out that the 1TB one is now too small for the job. The other 2TB one is still ok but now I need that alternate HDD again. (edited)
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    How about a Certified Brand New Factory Fresh In An Unopened Box HD deal once in a while WD?? Come on now, spoil us!
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    Any good for a Steam Deck when docked? Some of these games area massive. I have 2 x 512gb SD cards which I'll carry games that I want to play while portable, but the rest can sit on a large storage, something like this?