WD My Cloud 2tb £95 instore @ Tesco Extra Beckton

WD My Cloud 2tb £95 instore @ Tesco Extra Beckton



A good price. Recertified is £84.99, so only £10 more for a brand new one.
£119 for 4 TB
Really can't understand why these are being voted cold? I am however having a massive issue with Tesco over there availability of this item. Voted hot for price
Not a bad price for a NAS but anyone thinking of getting one or already owning one might like to check out the venerability recently disclosed theregister.co.uk/201…or/
Just for info not putting down the deal or the product.
Hi, rejcomp, thanks for highlighting that, a friend had mentioned it to me to.
Its important to keep all technologies up to date with the latest software updates and firmware's.
I think it's been voted cold as the 4TB version is £119...
This is now £60.25 in 2392 Doncatser store.
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