WD my passport essentials 500GB portable hard drive / USB2/USB3 at Currys for £48.95

WD my passport essentials 500GB portable hard drive / USB2/USB3 at Currys for £48.95

Found 1st Dec 2011
WESTERN DIGITAL My Passport Essential Portable Hard Drive - 500GB, Arctic White

Usb 2.0/3.0
(for noobies, yes these are backwards compatable with usb 2)

These do not require a power brick, it is powered via the USB.

1.5% cashback with quidco, mine tracked

free case also!

Has a western digital 3 years warranty
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Heat for usb3 and white!
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compared to the other models all been 20+ in price just for color.....
Got one of these last year for college to hold all my photography/graphics work.. works great

Already … Already posted:http://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/pc-world-white-wd-500gb-portable-hard-drive-48-95-1074779#post12948783

This is for Currys, same group I know.
Isn't the Lidl deal better?
physical media for back ups oO

no thanks
My 1 TB USB3 cost this.

physical media for back ups oOno thanks

Bell piece.
cheapest around, these were £50 on amazon for a few mins the other day before shooting upto £70

Bell piece.




Ok. You sound like a complete bell piece.
will this work on my PS3 naruto-kun?
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ColdMy 1 TB USB3 cost this.

Was your 1TB USB3 a desktop 3.5" or a portable 2.5" drive?

This one's a portable...
Great price! Extra heat for usb 3.0 and being white =)
Well it's cheapest USB 3.0 at the moment so I ordered two.
Is this compatible with the Wii?

Is this compatible with the Wii?

Should be. I bought one to try it out any if it doesn't ill find lots of uses for it anyway
If you want a 1tb usb 3.0 hard drive, check out the HP one.


It's a desktop one not portable but still a good price with the recent increases.
I would highly recommend Western Digital products and portable hard drives generally.

My 250gb WD passport device, which I've had for a few years now, is still going very strong and it proved to be a real life saver when my laptop crashed on me recently. You don't appreciate just how useful these things are until a virus wipes out everything on your computer!
work with macs?

Was your 1TB USB3 a desktop 3.5" or a portable 2.5" drive? This one's a … Was your 1TB USB3 a desktop 3.5" or a portable 2.5" drive? This one's a portable...

I hate ones that need plugging in!
Voted HOT for USB 3 and WHITE

work with macs?

Yes they do no problem, even have mac software on them
Is USB3 compatible with USB1?
hm,,, how do i get the free case to work anyone?

hm,,, how do i get the free case to work anyone?

Add to basket and checkout. The 4.99 will come off at that point.
reserved one at pc world, got free case also after asking!
A great little hard drive. Bought this white version a few months ago from Amazon £7 cheaper than this price but all the other colours were £10 more at the time for some reason. USB 3.0 for those that can utilise it and it comes with excellent backup software too. It's so small, it fits perfectly into a mouse pouch.
For this price I'd want the silver one.
I added a case, £53.94 collection; will the £4.99 be deducted when I collect in store?
Now showing as £49.10 in Currys and PC World. And they've STILL not got any in stock by me... the gits!!! Maybe they're just going to keep adding 15p to the price every day until it's the same as all the other drives and then they'll "find" a load of stock. Hmmmmm.
Ignore my last post, they seem to have put the prices BACK again?! The cases are showing as 5.01 instead of 4.99 now though. I expect they'll alter again soon as well. Still out of stock, of course.
The 2 I ordered arrived today, there really good and have a nice compact design
B@5t@rds!! £89.99 now! I guess I'll have to put my body armour on and find my baseball bat and see if Lidl has any of those 29.99 drives for more than 2 mins tomorrow morning. It's even more annoying as I've got to drive all the way over to my mum's tomorrow and the Currys by her actually had some in stock so I could have reserved at the "old" price but I didn't know I was going that direction until 10 mins ago! Ho hum.

Incidentally, I'm sure it's been mentioned a few times before but anyone got a quick explanation as to why hard drives are rocketing up in price? Price of raw materials? Factory exploded in the Far East? Cartels deciding to artificially bump prices up as they still want their Christmas bonuses irrespective of the state of the world economy?

[EDIT] The flooding in Thailand. OK, I guess that's a pretty good reason. I think moaning about the price of a hard drive kind of pales in significance. I'm just too cynical sometimes and always just assume firms are trying to milk punters dry at any opportunity. :P
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gone up to £90
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