WD40 100ml £1 @ Poundland

WD40 100ml £1 @ Poundland

Found 10th Dec 2016Made hot 10th Dec 2016
Found in Haringey London but been in stock before and national. Probably well known (check other posts) but nothing active and has been hot before.

First post as a longtime lurker so be kind!


A bit on the wee side.Handy to keep in your toolbox

nice wee find

It's always this price in Poundland (surprisingly)

Thanks, I'll get some for my pet mouse.
That should stop it squeaking!

isn't it this price at the best of times?

yes I buy this all the time if not instock usually is the next time I go in, often not on the shelf now in diy and is instead in a floor display box/stand
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