WD40 200cc at Poundland for, well, a pound!

WD40 200cc at Poundland for, well, a pound!

Found 1st Dec 2008Made hot 1st Dec 2008

A small handy size to keep in the back of your cars, as you never know when you might need it.,

Can Also be used for.....

Typical uses of WD-40 around the home include

* Stopping squeaks in door hinges.
* Loosening rusted or seized components (i.e., nuts and screws) for easier removal.
* Spraying on hand tools, prior to storage, to help prevent rust
* Cleaning objects affected by grease, caked-on dirt or adhesive residue (such as that left behind by sticky tape)
Typical uses of WD-40 in automotive repair include

* Driving moisture out of the high and low-tension electrical components of an internal combustion engine (e.g. cleaning and drying the inside of the ignition distributor cap) so that it will start, particularly on cold days
* Loosening nuts and screws
* Cleaning wheels
* The WD-40 company claims it is safe for use on all motorcycle chains, but recommended cleaning products vary among chain manufacturers. Tsubaki Chain[4] and RK Chain recommend WD-40 to clean or displace water on all types of chains, including sealed ring[5]

Specialty Uses

* Leatherman, the manufacturer of the popular multi-tool of the same name, recommends WD-40 as a post-cleaning lubricant to displace water and prevent corrosion.[6]
* In Boston, officials repaired the bell atop city-owned Faneuil Hall with daily treatments of WD-40 over the course of a week.[7]
* In cleaning, WD-40 displaces crayon and ink from computer and television monitors.
* WD-40 can be sprayed on snow shovels and snowblower components to prevent snow from sticking to their surfaces.


* WD-40 is a fine product and has many uses, but it is not real contact cleaner. It leaves a sticky residue that can attract dust.
* WD-40 should never be used in locks for the same reason. Locks should be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol, allowed to dry thoroughly and lubricated with dry graphite powder.
* A sample of WD-40 that was sprayed onto a piece of steel plate and left outside at -25 for about 20 minutes froze.


hot price for a great product, heat added.

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To the person offering the cold vote - could you suggest where you might find it cheaper?

I always use if for removing sticky lables that don't peel off in one go.

Never left a sticky residue for me


Was posted a 6 weeks ago but good for those who missed it.

BTW - hot from me!

rip off poundland..
why have they not passed on the vat decrease today.
it should be 98.4p land now.


rip off poundland..why have they not passed on the vat decrease today.it … rip off poundland..why have they not passed on the vat decrease today.it should be 98.4p land now.

I agree. Lets all boycott the place!!!

posted before , not really a hot deal as this has been in poundland for the lat 18 months or so.

I got a five litre tin and a refillable squirty bottle a year or so ago for £12 from a motor factor.
It will probably keep me going for llife.

hot but cheaper in my 99p shop:thumbsup:

This is one of those products you can use for everything, love the stuff

Its also good for deicing gears and brake linkages on push bikes, thats what I found this morning

i got one for my car good price

voted hot

just ran out of lube, this should get thing moving

Also available at 99p Stores (where it's cheaper than at Poundland, for those who hadn't already worked it out).

I`m waiting for the 50p shop to open. Poundland is over priced

dam no 99p stores near me
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