WD40 multi purpose spray 300ml + 50 ml free only £1.99 @ ALDI
WD40 multi purpose spray 300ml + 50 ml free only £1.99 @ ALDI

WD40 multi purpose spray 300ml + 50 ml free only £1.99 @ ALDI

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Spotted in local Aldi. 350ml cans

The world's number one multi-purpose lubricant.

Typical uses of WD-40 around the home include

* Stopping squeaks in door hinges.
* Loosening rusted or seized components (i.e., nuts and screws) for easier removal.
* Spraying on hand tools, prior to storage, to help prevent rust
* Cleaning objects affected by grease, caked-on dirt or adhesive residue (such as that left behind by sticky tape)
Typical uses of WD-40 in automotive repair include

* Driving moisture out of the high and low-tension electrical components of an internal combustion engine (e.g. cleaning and drying the inside of the ignition distributor cap) so that it will start, particularly on cold days
* Loosening nuts and screws
* Cleaning wheels
* The WD-40 company claims it is safe for use on all motorcycle chains, but recommended cleaning products vary among chain manufacturers. Tsubaki Chain[4] and RK Chain recommend WD-40 to clean or displace water on all types of chains, including sealed ring[5]

Specialty Uses

* Leatherman, the manufacturer of the popular multi-tool of the same name, recommends WD-40 as a post-cleaning lubricant to displace water and prevent corrosion.[6]
* In Boston, officials repaired the bell atop city-owned Faneuil Hall with daily treatments of WD-40 over the course of a week.[7]
* In cleaning, WD-40 displaces crayon and ink from computer and television monitors.
* WD-40 can be sprayed on snow shovels and snowblower components to prevent snow from sticking to their surfaces.


* WD-40 is a fine product and has many uses, but it is not real contact cleaner. It leaves a sticky residue that can attract dust.
* WD-40 should never be used in locks for the same reason. Locks should be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol, allowed to dry thoroughly and lubricated with dry graphite powder.
* A sample of WD-40 that was sprayed onto a piece of steel plate and left outside at -25 for about 20 minutes froze.


wow 50ml free!

Original Poster


wow 50ml free!

:-D 350ml still not bad imo

Install only, WD40 is only £1.19


Tip of the Day: One of the best little known uses for WD-40 is for removing sticker residues from pricetags. ie. off CD cases.

£1 in Poundland.

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£1 in Poundland.

is it? :roll:
100 ml. can ;-)
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