We were soldiers (Blu Ray) £7 Delivered @ Amazon
We were soldiers (Blu Ray) £7 Delivered @ Amazon

We were soldiers (Blu Ray) £7 Delivered @ Amazon

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Cheapest around ( i think )

We Were Soldiers, based on the bestselling account of the battle of La Drang valley at the outset of the Vietnam War, is the latest Mel Gibson Braveheart-esque offering where plot and characterisation, rather than the men who lost their lives in the conflict, are the most serious casualties. The story follows Lt. Colonel Hal Moore (Gibson) and his platoon through a brief spell at boot camp and then into the battle itself.
In place of the moral ambiguity offered by, say, Platoon or Hamburger Hill, We Were Soldiers presents us with archetypes. Gibson's family man colonel is almost a parody of Patton, a man with so much heart you wonder how he manages to get up in the morning. He's a good Catholic, loves his men, and tells us that he's the first one on the battlefield and the last one off. And if that self-eulogising wasn't enough we have the slow-mo, heavily scored last-one-into-the-helicopter moment to prove it. In uncomfortably jingoistic contrast, the commander of the Viet Cong never leaves his cavernous headquarters as he sends his faceless foot soldiers to their death.

- diGriz


brilliant film, watched it on monday

on sky movies hd now

Excellent film, well worth watching.

Fantastic film!!!

Great Film, love it - well worth the 7 quid!

Play is 6.99 with free delivery (sorry, i couldn't resist) ;-)


Is this the one where Mel gets pi$$ed and calls all the NVA women sugar t*ts?
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