Wearable Sleeping Bag Suit from MusucBag SelkBag Normally £95, £44.50 delivered via Groupon!

Wearable Sleeping Bag Suit from MusucBag SelkBag Normally £95, £44.50 delivered via Groupon!

Found 24th Nov 2010
I’ve always wanted one of these, but thought £100 was far too much. It would be absolutely great for festivals! I know some people will think £44.50 is still a lot, but that’s less than half price, much better than anywhere else I could find. I’ve seen people with them before and they look so comfortable and they swear by them! I always said I would get one if they were a bit cheaper, and for the next 15hrs they are, so be quick it may make someone the perfect Christmas present!

“With MusucBag Selkbag you can...
- Separate, move, and join your arms and legs
- Stand without any trouble, walk, cross your legs
- Walk outside without damaging the fabric

The MusucBag Selkbag is a new sleeping bag concept which preserves the functionality of a sleeping bag, but gives maximum mobility by allowing your limbs to freely move. As opposed to being stuck and confided in the usual cocoon style (and we all know how terribly claustrophobic that can be). The design offers such functions as pockets to provide more convenience whilst on the move and anti-slip grips to avoid any little accidents. The MusucBag SelkBag is fun, practical, entertaining, trendy, and of course outdoor-friendly! Whether you are going camping, travelling, or just hanging out at home, the MusucBag SelkBag is perfect for any location!”
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This was on groupon today...

£34 instead of £95 - A Unique Wearable Sleeping Bag Suit from MusucBag Selkbag
thats the offer i've posted mate, but the postage is £10.50 which makes it £44.50.
I want one for a fancy dress party I am going as a Honey Monster
This thing must get you laid!

The price is good.

With a lot of these groupon deals I usually worry about stock.

When the voucher "activates" at midday friday, you, along with everyone else have to scrabble to get the size/colour you want.

There is already quite a few out of stock.

And this statement from the Musuc bag page:

Desired product shows “Sold Out”Sorry! This means you have two options. A) … Desired product shows “Sold Out”Sorry! This means you have two options. A) you choose an available color and size to take advantage of this amazingly low price for an original MusucBag SelkBag and have the ideal Christmas gift for a loved one. B) you return your voucher with Groupon.

conflicts with this one from the Groupon page:

No returns or exchanges

I dd this deal last week. Voucher didn't activate when it should but when it eventually did I was pleased to get a black in large. Completed my sale and got a confirmation email only to get another email a couple of hours later to say they had miscalculate the stock and the colour and size I picked was no longer available. Rubbish colours and sizes left so I have opted for a refund. Email response from Musucbag and Groupon however was incredibly slow........In my opinion this is just an exercise to shift old stock that nobody wanted in the first place!!

Rant over
Just ordered a brown one, would have preferred a black one but heyho...
still a great deal particularly if you don't have central heating and its snowing outside
Have wanted one for a long time and now Im going to have one
Its about warmth for me not really a fashion statement so the colour doesnt matter that much
Can't wait for it too arrive
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