Weaveworld (paperback) by Clive Barker £2.99 delivered @play

Weaveworld (paperback) by Clive Barker £2.99 delivered @play

Found 11th Apr 2010
+8% topcashback making it £2.76. next cheapest £5.87 book depository, £5.88 amazon.
I know it's an old book but somehow passed me by at the time and was recommended it by a friend who couldn't believe i hadn't read it. Anyway, that's enough of my life story, on with the copy n' paste....

Paperback - 736 Pages
The city of Liverpool is reeling in the aftermath of the summer riots and Cal Mooney, a 26-year-old loner, is treading the back streets, searching for a stray pigeon that has escaped his father's garden. Nearby a derelict house is being emptied by removal men. The elderly owner is in hospital on the point of death and as the removal men clear her belongings Cal finds himself drawn to the house. There is a secret within it, contained within a carpet. The carpet is the entrance to the Fugue, a surreal world peopled by the Seerkind, a gentle race under threat from an evil presence named Shadwell, and Shadwell is on his way to Liverpool, together with his beautiful and bewitching partner, the deadly Immacolata. Together they aim to access the Fugue and conquer this paranormal world. Weaveworld is a mind blowing combination of urban mythology and modern history as the mayhem unleashed by Shadwell and Immacolata brings Inspector Hobart to the city. Hobart is a creation of Thatcherite proportions, a human enforcer who believes the law is an allegory for organised sadism and he determines to restore order, ending the paranormal disturbances sweeping the city, so enhancing the reputation he earned during his handling of the riots the previous summer. Cal, meanwhile, is haunted by his brief glimpse of the Fugue. His obsession with it leads him into the path of Suzzanna, the 22-year-old granddaughter of the woman whose house he stumbled into. This young couple have no idea of what they are about to enter... Instead of simply establishing a boy meets girl on dark adventure yarn Barker has delved far, far deeper, touching on the modern themes of rampant greed, a city in decay, and a hero and heroine who come vividly to life within the novel as they face the philistine evil of Shadwell and his murderous allies. This is Liverpool in the Eighties, a vibrant, colourful, charismatic city being destroyed from within by a malignant force motivated by money and bankrupt of morality. For Shadwell read the Iron Lady; remember her? Clive Barker is not just "the future of horror" as Stephen King so correctly forecast in 1984; he is a philosopher who blows every other horror writer clean out of the water - King included. And Weaveworld is not just a novel - it is something to believe in and learn from. This is perhaps the finest piece of work from one of the greatest writers alive today. A dark delight!


Good book. Can't understand why this never made it to the big screen.

Read this book years ago, very good, wouldnt mind a jacket like Shadwell's

One of my all time favourites. Try Imagica by Barker as well.
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