Weber BBQ Chimney Starter - only £5 (Usually over £15 everywhere) at B&Q

Weber BBQ Chimney Starter - only £5 (Usually over £15 everywhere) at B&Q

Found 27th Aug 2011
Was in B&Q today and saw loads of these at £5. They're great for getting your barbeque started without having to watch over it or even use fire-light or fluid.

This beats the recent argos deal of 11.99 by almost £7.

What is a chimney starter?…ter
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Sorry - cold i've tried branches up and down the country, and all i can find is low stock in Boston!
Sorry to hear - Leeds has plenty of stock at the branch near Elland Road, if anyone is interested.
Already posted about 3 times in the last few days.
Don't Bother with Reserve and Collect, Why?, See the 150+ compliaints from 2 days ago :-…e=1
bought 4 yesterday
I recon you could use these as a small cooker by itself (even tho the instructions say not too) a pan fits nice on the top... going to try it out soon
Terrystan, stop spamming every B&Q thread with that whinge. Some People have never once had an issue with R&C there.

Stop being such a drama queen.
Product wise, these are good, the coals certainly are ready much more quickly.

I just find it doesn't hold enough for a long cooking session.
Plenty in Barnsley Stairfoot branch. Thanks, OP!
Used it for the first time this weekend. Definately heats up quicker and holds a good amount to cook with four 2-3 hours, then i just refilled iand within 15 mins i was cooking again! I had a 6 hour cooking sessions so all good. Still some left in castleford.
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