Weber briquettes 4kg for £5. Cheaper than anywhere else instore at B&Q

Weber briquettes 4kg for £5. Cheaper than anywhere else instore at B&Q

LocalFound 11th Aug 2017
If you like to use Weber briquettes then this is a great price!
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I wouldn't mind trying these, the crap available elsewhere has a very poor burn time, the last few bags of charcoal have been dire too... Weather pending we normally live by the BBQ, so use a lot of fuel, but in comparison to what we have in the UK against what I see and I'm told about from the peeps across the pond - our fuel is utter rubbish plus the way some store actually store it is dire too, kept outdoors in our summer RAIN periods... One of the most recent sacks actually had something that resembled a green stones - covered in some weird mould, one of those instant light bags that needed lots of BBQ fluid on just to get it to light! Eventually it did and the contents was shocking... Smell/fumes were that bad I just let it burn out - more like smoulder.... I don't mind paying for what is usable but, the stuff from Lidl, Aldi, Home Bargains is all rubbish and a waste of money... and when you start paying more than that the cost of BBQ'ing a meal adds up to costing the same as eating out at a quality restaurant... But... we all need to BBQ.... hunter gather etc lol
Will try these out though if available in our B+Q - Heat added.
Great price for these and burn really well for a decent amount of time. I use these 99% of the time and stock up when there are deals like this.
Aye worth stocking up, not been able to find any penbead this year
Keep them inside. Damp effects them if stored in a garage or shed. Store in a plastic bag to.
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I've just taken the last three bags at the Blackpool store 🏼
None at cribbs
Loads at Margate
Can anybody recommend any other types in addition to these? I seem to remember reading somewhere that The Range have some with a good reputation.
Heat beads are good too
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