Weber Genesis E330 £699.50 @ - wild goose chase alert! hiller garden centres - Hemel Hempstead

Weber Genesis E330 £699.50 @ - wild goose chase alert! hiller garden centres - Hemel Hempstead

LocalFound 18th Mar 2017
Just picked up a 2016 Weber Genesis e330 for £699. Also came with a free cover. Good price for a USA produced bbq. The new Genesis 2 is made in China.

Receipt appears to imply all the weber bbqs at this Hillier were 50pc off, but didn't notice this until I got home so can't confirm. Think I got the last boxed Genesis. There were deffo some Spirits there as well.

No idea if national but certainly was on this morning in Hemel Hempstead! Hope this helps somebody.
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can confirm that they are all 50% off, picked up a spirit premium 320 for £450 instead of £900 today. No point of sale or any other info about it. Even the manager when asked said there was no way they would be 1/2 price, but went and checked after I showed him the receipt pic above... and came back in shock when they all showed 50% at the till!

Thanks OP.. no wild goose chase for me!
Cold votes - obviously a lot - as always when something of decent quality is posted, just because it's a higher price than a bog-standard cheap imported BBQ that will last for a couple of seasons at most.

Our Genesis was bought about 10 years ago and it's still in incredible condition, despite being left outside all that time. How many other BBQs can you say that about?

Like the BBQ - hot.
Yep, this site bemuses me sometimes. Oh well, if it helped anybody pick one up then so be it. I am replacing a 10 year old Weber Q with this simply as my family has outgrown the Q. It still works and looks great. You get what you pay for, and I can't find this BBQ cheaper than this anywhere in the UK.
Obviously instore only but do you know if they do deliveries?
Even fitting a broken down E330 into a car must take some doing.
Fitted it in the back of my wife's Golf with the seats down but it was a tight squeeze. Don't know if they deliver sorry.
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