Weber Smokey Mountain - 37cm (New) + Cover + Free Shipping - £223.99 (WowBBQ) £224.69

Weber Smokey Mountain - 37cm (New) + Cover + Free Shipping - £223.99 (WowBBQ) £224.69

Found 22nd Aug 2015
Been looking for one for ages with the package deal, also included free cover...cheapest I can find.
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paying £100+ for the name

paying £100+ for the name

​And I'd pay it off I could afford it!
why the negatives? anyone find the package cheaper?

paying £100+ for the name

Not really, you want the best you have to pay, I have had cheaper ones and they are crap to be honest....its like buying a aston martin compared to a fiat punto, you want quality you have to pay.
Have you looked at the ProQ range they are very good & if you buy one from MacsBBQ (the uk distributor for years) then you'll have expert experience on tap! ..(compared to a weber sold everywhere by lots of folk with very little actual product knowledge)

Heres a link to a 37 cm unit twin door... CLICKY CLICKYhere

& details here via macs bbq CLICKY CLICKY

Wish it was this cheap when i got mine.

Used it all years around including boxing day and new years day last year so price per use is lower than the summer burger flippers with their 40quid B&Q special.

Would be tempted on a bigger one as a load of fuel lasts about 8 hours in this small one.

Nothing like 12 hour brisket.

why the negatives? anyone find the package cheaper?

Because everyone on here is tight and only by the cheapest things. A Webber BBQ is for life. The other idiots can buy one for a tenner every year and keep land fills topped up.

Worth every penny.
Also most Brits don't know how to BBQ and don't understand the value of this wonderful item. I use mine nearly weekly.
Those reading this who cook the chicken in the oven first. Lol. I'm talking about you!
I'm still holding out for the 47cm version to come down in price a bit, this is tiny but the smokey mountains are very well regarded

I have looked at the ProQ too, really like the inlets for thermometer prongs
World of Power are cheap for these.
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