Weco Fireworks available from Lidl from 15 October from £3.99

Weco Fireworks available from Lidl from 15 October from £3.99

Found 9th Oct 2013
Lidl will be selling WECO fireworks again this year from next Tuesday 15th October.

These are probably the best you can buy from a supermarket when it comes to fireworks. Previous posts for Lidl's Weco range have became really popular as these are decent fireworks.
Reccomened by me are, Ipanema, both of the selection packs, firefighter of which I have had several times in the past and have been brilliant.

Selection includes:
Skyline Rocket pack- 6 assorted rockets £3.99
Cocktail of Rockets - 8 assorted rockets £7.99 **3 for £20**

Selection packs:
CyberBox- contains a mixture of 14 fountains and roman candles £7.99 **3 for £20**
Fire Pack- contains 17 'bigger' roman candles/ fountains and multishot cakes £12.99

Multi-shot Cakes:
Boxxer- 20 shots £4.99
Ipanema- 30 shots £7.99 **3 for £20**
Fire Fighter- 86 shots £9.99
Voodoo Star- 50 shots £16.99

Oceon of Lights- multi-effect fountain £7.99

All 3 for £20 items can be mixed and matched

Past Weco deals & comments:



Couple of vids:

Ipanema- youtube.com/wat…L90

Fire fighter- youtube.com/wat…2gw
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Oh...It's boom banga bang time
off to lidl then just what i wanted!
I bought the Voodoo Star and the Cocktail of rockets yesterday and lit them last night.

I can recommend the Voodoo Star - good effects for the money and nice colours etc. I was impressed and this works out much better value for the effects than other larger, more expensive multi-shot cakes from other firework suppliers.

However the rockets.....do not bother. They go pretty high and I was expecting a nice effect but was disappointed. They make a noise but the effect is tiny. Would not buy again.

I will try out the Fire Fighter and possibly the Ipanema closer to bonfire night as I have read good reviews and the videos look good.

Why expired?

Tonight I bought 3x Ipanema, 2x Boxxer, 1x Firefighter and 1x Voodoo Star

Thanks to OP
Not sure why its been expired

Glad a couple of people benefited anyway
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