Weddings Can Be Murder [Kindle Edition] Free Kindle Book

Weddings Can Be Murder [Kindle Edition] Free Kindle Book

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Free Kindle Book by New York Times Bestselling Author Christie Craig 'Weddings Can Be Murder'

Till Deaths Do You Part . . .
Katie Ray was about to marry a man she didn’t love—and who didn’t love her. Even losing her $8,000 engagement ring wasn’t enough of a sign to call things off. What did it take? Being locked in the closet with a sexy PI, and being witness to murder.
. . . Or They Bring You Together
Carl Hades hardly wanted to be shackled with another man’s soon-to-be-wife, especially when the gorgeous redhead stirred emotions he’d avoided for years. He’d been hired by an elite Houston wedding planner to investigate some missing brides. When those brides turned up dead, Carl saw where the whole situation was headed: just like Katie’s wedding ring and her ceremony, right down the toilet. Because, while Katie was suddenly and delightfully available, he had a feeling she was next in line to die. And before he could ask her to say “I do,” he had to know who would say “I did it.”

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