Weeds Season 1 & 2 Preorder £15.93

Weeds Season 1 & 2 Preorder £15.93

Found 26th Dec 2007
Double Dose Season 1 & 2 Box set containing both seasons 1 and 2 and ALL the DVD extras of both seasons is being released in a brilliant hemp style box set. A real must-have for any Weeds fan, or anyone who hasn't yet got into this totally addictive series.

Cheaper than Season 2 on it own! (cheapest season 2 = £15.98!)

This is a preorder and not released unit 07-Jan.

It is the same price at The hut, ASDA online and Lovefilm. Up to you which one you prefer and quidco. But a 5% voucher for the hut


Excellent series and great price. Voted HOT!

I assumed that Series 2 was the last but series 4 is due this year. I watched series 3 over the New Year and it’s darker than the last one which seems to be in vogue in the US at the moment. The current CSI Las Vegas is very dark and moody which I like.

Highly recommended as it’s funny and poignant. Why can’t we make stuff like this in the UK? We mock US TV but they have some great stuff.
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