Weekend at Bernie's on Blu-Ray £5.04 @ NetworkOnAir

Weekend at Bernie's on Blu-Ray £5.04 @ NetworkOnAir

Found 16th Apr 2016
Great price on this. Cheapest ive ever seen it. Has held its price around £8-£10 for a while now on other sites. Very good blu-ray transfer to.

Network is a legit company by the way for anyone unfamiliar with them, they are the distribution company for the film. The equivalent to buying direct from someone like Arrow Video or Universal
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Man overboard!!!!
Why don't we just pretend he didn't die? Just for a bit!
watched recently and have to say it hasn't aged well best to leave it in the past.
Cheers Wiggy, been meaning to get this on bluray for a while but thought it was too expensive. Nice one!
The greatest film ever made.
Brilliant find wiggy, heat on
thanks op
Everyone knows Weekend at Bernie's II is superior.
Classic film, loved it.
Lol, heat from me wiggy X)
Haha, this was a stapple watch of mine in the 90's... Awesome film

Heat OP!
I've seen this sooo many times! it's super wicked funny for those who haven't watched this epic 80s movie.
Hold the boat...Hold the boat.... Then jumping on the docking boat. Still one of the funniest things ever
Funny film
£8.04 now oO
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