Weetabix 48 pack (x2) for £4.29 at Costco

Weetabix 48 pack (x2) for £4.29 at Costco

LocalFound 16th Mar 2017
Yes it is another Costco deal but I had forgotten about it until I saw someone post the 24pack for £1.49.

This deal was on at the weekend. 96 Weetabix for £4.29.

Just over £1.07 for 24 and there was no VAT on top of that price. As it was on the shelf I have no idea how long the deal was on for (it wasn't one listed in the voucher box).

The Best before date was in 2018 I recall .

Please don't use the fact it is a Costco deal to vote it cold. If it is cheaper elsewhere please let me know. Will upload a pic to show the price later on .
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Good deal considering Asda are currently selling 48 for £3
72 packs in Asda £4... Was 3 days a go.
Stocked up.
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excellent deal- will stock up especially if long BBE date as each pack of 12 Weetabix are sealed.
thanks OP.
Thanks op
TIP: If you want some added taste, cut the box up and sprinkle over the top.
Fantastic deal!! I stocked up as well!! I only buy from Costco!! You can't beat that price!!
£5.29 in mine - Wembley, thought the prices were uniform, but apparently not!
shame sounds like a good price but might be a https://img.thewhiskyexchange.com/540/irish_wil3.jpg
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