Weetabix 72 box only £3 in Farmfoods

Weetabix 72 box only £3 in Farmfoods

Found 8th Nov 2009
Weetabix 72 box for only £3 in Farmfoods! Not much else to say...
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Have you had your weetabix?
some times i eat three! :whistling:
Sometimes I eat 5... otherwise its always 3 or 4... This is a Hot deal but I dont need any yet. I bought 2 Big boxes each containing 6 or 8 of these small boxes of 72s from Tesco a month ago.

Heat added!
Hot from me :thumbsup:
Great deal but already got loads in the cupboard, still going to buy some though.
We bought loads recently too from Tesco but they've all gone. I don't know who has them all once I leave the house - a bit frightened to ask. Heat
???? We got the same box of 72 for £2.50 from Worksop Farmfoods only recently.
Cracking price
I hate the stuff , but the kids, the dog and the old man love it so heat added !!!
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