Weetabix 72's for just £2.69 @ Tesco

Weetabix 72's for just £2.69 @ Tesco

Found 24th Jan 2013
Found instore at Swansea Marina Tesco, they're down as £5.59 online, but were marked up with a standard white ticket as £2.69. Possibly only in select stores, maybe because these have the old-style plastic packaging - will update when I have my morning brekkie!

Just checked - they have the new style paper wrapping, so I'm at a loss as to why these are reduced!
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Good price- well done
im going to be on this like sonic!!!!!!

144 weetabix and only one bottle of milk
144 weetabix and no jam oO

me and the little fella eat them by the bucket load.....

Bought 10 boxes.
So is it national then?

So is it national then?
Luckily I had a healthy receipt - the one issue with uploading the receipt is that people judge! 2 Weetabix smothered with peanut butter and milk = the nuts.
Pricing error... I had a similar thing last month and they realised the mistake. The manager honoured it though anyway.
Fancied some weetabix the other day, this will do nicely thanks!
Went to get these, but Charlie was lying on top of them

Eventually freed them from his grasp though. BOOT
Same in fife, also cookie crisp is £1.49 for 565g and frosties is 1.39 for 750g
Thanks will look tomorrow, great deal!!!
I'm so fat. I'd eat this in one go
White SEL on shelf in my local stated £2.69 for 72 but all gone.
This and the crunchy nut has ensured we are stocked up with breakfast this year, thank you op, and thank you all at hotukdeals. x
Tried the Edinburgh store today priced and SCANNED at the £5 odds price
Just got 2 boxes in Faversham. £2.69 on a white label which is weird!
Mine scanned at full price tesco extra in swan centre
Just got a couple of boxes from Canon Park in Coventry. Marked up with white shelf label at £2.69.

They still had some left this afternoon.
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