Weetabix Minis All Varieties - 2 for £2 - Asda Instore

Weetabix Minis All Varieties - 2 for £2 - Asda Instore

Found 21st Mar 2008
As title - single price is £1.88.

I have stocked up on the chocolate flavour. I think Tesco is selling these 2 for £2.50


This has been posted before I think. It's not bad but they are regularly on offer for a £1.
This is also currently available with 24 Weetabix for £1.56 whlst stocks last

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I dunno about that - I visit Sainsbury, Tesco, Asda, and Morrisons at least once a month, and the last time I bought these at this price was about a year ago.

Although, saying that, I believe that various Poundshops sell these at a £1 a box anyway.

Anyway, as long as someone finds this useful, that's all that matters - it's not like I am making any money personally ! !

sainsburys have been doing this for about a month now, I'm sure most of the other chains are too

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Well, shows what I know!!!

Always in my poundland ,or home bargains at 99p
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