weight watcher  products @ farm foods all 1 pound

weight watcher products @ farm foods all 1 pound

Found 1st Jul 2009
today i went to farm foods and noticed a few weight watcher bargains.

weight watchers oven chips for 1 pound

weight watchers ready meals all a pound each, they had beef hot pot, fish pie, chicken stew and dumplings and lasagna. which i thought was great seeming i paid 2.19 at morrisons for one. all very low in calorie. roughly 200cals per ready meal.

they also had the weight watchers desserts for a pound
flavours were
Double Chocolate Brownies
Caramel Crunch
Mint Chocolate

theres 2 in each pack so works out 50p each and they taste really good.
roughly 175cals a dessert.
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So glad farmfoods stock weight watchers choc brownies, I love them :-)
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