Weight Watchers 3 months for £39.80, now with £30 Quidco

Weight Watchers 3 months for £39.80, now with £30 Quidco

Found 2nd Aug 2009
If you use Quidco £9.80 for 3 months aint half bad.

Listed as £9.80 as posting the Quidco deal.


I'm lovin that Weight Watchers have recruited Marjorie Dawes! :-D

So basically its an onine cook book?

Personally I prefer attending Fat Fighters

iiiiiiiiii love the cake

Dust anybody?

"What did you say dear,didn't quite catch that" ?

I have been going to Weight Watchers and have lost 18 lbs so far, but was just told a few days ago by a friend that if you go to the doctor or practice nurse, they refer you to W/W and give you vouchers to go. Too late for me yet again.

Yeah me to given heat not only as it would save a lot of cash for people who were gonna join up anyway but also because of the LIttle Britain pic.

Yum Yum Chocolate Cake

Expired - Quidco now £15:x
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