Weight  Watchers Frozen meals £1 each BOGOF @ Farm Foods

Weight Watchers Frozen meals £1 each BOGOF @ Farm Foods

Found 22nd Mar 2010
Just got back from my local Farm Food store where they have an offer on Weight Watchers from Heinz frozen ready meals. They are priced at £1 each BOGOF, making the cost of each ready meal only 50p. Surely a bargain for all those weight watchers
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They are a bargain! but not that different to normal ready meals. Snap them up at this price! of course.

But a good weight loss plan (IMO) is simply to eat ONLY ready meals. Whatever theyr'e brand name you will be dieting simply because of the portion size alone. The WW ones arn't that tasty (be warned).. but this is a bargain non the less!! :thumbsup:
Undoubtedly a bargain!
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My gran loves ready meals,i may have to stock up as these may be slightly healthier.
Great deal.
Was in Farm Foods last night and this offer has now finished... but they are still £1 each which is great since alot of the larger supermarkets still charge in the region of £1.50+ each.
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