Weighted Gazebo Feet (Set of 4) - £19.99 delivered @ Cybercheckout

Weighted Gazebo Feet (Set of 4) - £19.99 delivered @ Cybercheckout

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Found 6th Aug 2009
Not your everyday item, but a useful one. Next cheapest I can see these is £22.50 and thats only for a set of 2 - this set includes 4!

These weighted feet mean that gazebos can be erected on patios or any hard surfaces where guy ropes cannot be used. Also use on the lawn and there is at last no more need to trip over those guy ropes or have holes in the lawn where the spikes have been.

These brand new set of 4 weighted feet are easily fitted around each leg and can be filled with sand to weigh the Gazebo down.

Weight when filled with sand - 8kg Each
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Good idea but £20 for some hollow plastic that you then have to go and fill with sand sounds expensive.

Argos sell the Gazebo for £12.99
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