weightwatchers food @ poundland

weightwatchers food @ poundland

Found 25th Jun 2009
Not for everyone but good for those of us on weightwatchers I guess! Mine had various flavours of crisp multipacks (6 bags, 1pt per bag) I picked up salt and vinegar hoops, and cheesy puffs, but noticied several different flavours of tortilla's too.
They also had weightwatchers cookies, 3 boxes for £2. 3 different flavours, I got double chocolate (naturally!), there were the lemon and ginger ones too, but I forget which other flavour.
The cookies tend to be about £1.50 a box in supermarkets, so this works out fairly good value!


Bought some of these last week. The cheese puffs are wrank but the salt and vinegar hoops are lovely. The cookies are great too. It is a good deal and they are almost £2 n asda :-)

Oh ans strawberry and cream are the other flavour available, yummmmmmmmm

The tikka masala sauce is really lovely and I spotted it in Asda today and it was £1.22.

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I've just had a bag of the cheese puffs erm...tasty....!
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