Welltech Wireless Headphones only £18.99.

Welltech Wireless Headphones only £18.99.

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Found 16th Dec 2007
Good quality wireless headphones that come with charger, batteries AAA, dock, headphones and remote control. from Lidl in most stores here in London. Saw ones in Currys for £50 and these were a third of the price.

Its really good and reviews are great.
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Yes. I had a Welltech wireless radio headset for over 10 years, gave them a huge amount of daily use, and some rough handling, welding under cars with them on, in spitting rain with them on, never let me down. Very clear and noise-free sound, very good volume level, totally hiss-fee clarity and good bass response.
Eventually one of the wires wore out, as it went in through the swiveling connection between the headband and the pods. Those wires are like the ones found for earbuds. Very difficult to solder. I even had a go at replacing that particular wire, but ... time and patience ran out on that one. Bear in mind, that was a previous incarnation of the design - no docking station, instead a mini jack from the base station, but never used it, as easier to have a spare set of rechargeable AAAs ready to go.

Have replaced with £30 worth of Thomson's offering. Well, not quite as good really.
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