Wentworth 7 Piece Garden Furniture Set £144.99 at Focus (Using Voucher)

Wentworth 7 Piece Garden Furniture Set £144.99 at Focus (Using Voucher)

Found 27th Jul 2009
Entertain the whole family this summer around this elegant six seater table or plan the perfect early summer garden party.
6 chairs that fold for easy assembly and storage
Weatherproof fittings
Made from FSC Eucalyptus
Parasol Hole
Easy assembly
Table Dimensions: 1499 x 859 x740mm (LWH)

plus £10 delivery if ordered online


This was posted but a good while back (I looked after I stumbled across it and bought a few weeks back). I would never have paid £350 for it but for £150 I think it's a pretty good deal - I know it's Eucalyptus but if you google it that doesn't get that bad reviews and £150 for 6 chairs and a decent size table...

If you do go for it though try to find yourself a granny for a further 10% off bringing it down to £134.99. OAP discount applies any day of the week at Focus :thumbsup:

Edit: Not sure what voucher is required (as per title)? Bought for £135 with my mum but no voucher... just in case that helps anyone.

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voucher at bottom of description "£5 off £50"

So does that not make it an even better deal - £145? (or £130 if you know an OAP?)

Edit: Sorry, I'm getting confused it's £145 in the title but £150 under the pic. Anyway, I think it's good regardless...!

Edit: Actually can you use OAP discount online? I'm going to stop confusing things now...

LOL, when i first saw this I thought it was ex furniture from Prisoner Cell Block H!

Hot Hot Hot ! Got it for £130. Had 10% instore movers discount. I registered for online newsletter so got a £5 voucher to use at checkout too. Bargain price indeed.
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