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Posted 2 March 2023

Wera 350 PH Kraftform screwdriver, Phillips PH 2 x 300 mm @ £7.88 @ Amazon

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Quite a niche item, but a quality 30cm long screwdriver for those specific and awkward jobs.

In my case, it's for a headlight adjustment which needs a 25cm minimum length screwdriver!

A good price delivered, for those who need it.

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About this item
Screwdriver for cross-recess screws, Phillips
Smooth hard zones for high speed turning, soft grip zones for high torque transfer
Take it easy tool finder: colour coding according to profile and size
Hexagonal anti-roll feature against rolling away

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  1. anuruddha's avatar
    Is Stanley a good brand?
    BarnSt0rmer's avatar
    Stanley have various product lines, some are better than others, but generally speaking I've found they are good and Stanley have been making screwdrivers pretty much forever. Their FatMax range of stuff is usually pretty decent I think.
  2. Hearnia_2K's avatar
    It's tempting, but frequently been cheaper. This is the sort of thing I would buy 'just in case' so would ideally want a better deal, personally.

    uk.camelcamelcamel.com/pro…ON4 (edited)
    phesketh01's avatar
    Likewise. The set of 3 or 4 is also as good value as this and they're not on offer. As I'm thinking of a buy for odd jobs also, I'm going to keep an eye on the set of 3 or 4 for an offer.
  3. fryitup's avatar
    Perfect for cpu coolers!
    Bluediamond28's avatar
  4. Mook2000's avatar
    I've had one of these for years and its not just for jobs where you need to access something in a recess. You get a lot more torque and sit on the head better so you can screw and unscrew stronger. I use this ahead of short handle screwdrivers for most jobs.
    mccririck's avatar
    Well a long shaft means hand wobble won't change the angle as much. That's the worst thing about stubby screwdrivers. (edited)
  5. zwarder's avatar
    If I buy this the longscrewdriver I lost 2 years ago will miraculously reappear !!
  6. sean52d's avatar
    Not sure if to buy now or wait to see if it goes down further, as I don’t want to get screwed over…
    rprp's avatar
    It might go up in price. You should be more posidrive
  7. Curtis_Bowden's avatar
    Bought, thanks OP! Great size for getting to carbs on older bikes.
    take_a_look's avatar
    Not using JIS screwdrivers?
  8. james.pondBzo's avatar
    Thanks op, got one because I WFH in IT Hardware support
  9. Dawid_H's avatar
    My favourite screwdriver make. I might just bite for an odd job I might need it for.
  10. take_a_look's avatar
    Heat OP, Wera screwdrivers I've had were of quality and performed well.
  11. mccririck's avatar
    Ooh that's a long one.
  12. BroDeal's avatar
    Shame it's a Philips head, would have gone for it if it was a pozi. 90%+ of the screws I've come across are pozi. It took me an embarrassingly long time before I appreciated the difference!
  13. The3dge's avatar
    Thanks vauxhall was asking£60 to adjust headlight my car came with low setting from factory and I couldn't find the actual screwdriver till I saw your post and description.. keep up the good work🍻
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