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Posted 8 January 2023

Wera Kraftform Compact 05136027001 VDE 17 Extra Slim 1 Screwdriver Set - £93.60 @ Amazon Germany

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Further price drop to around £85 think I will definitely buy now


As an ex spark I thought this is a good deal, of only these multi use cable stripper pliers were available in my day
These are the knipex pliers cable strippers by the way.
I could do with the slim screwdrivers as my vde set are too thick to get into some TV set recessed holes
Amazon Germany More details at Amazon Germany

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  1. _Stuart_'s avatar
    Appreciate its not like for like, but think I'd take these instaed and spend the £40 difference on some knipex pliers

    Wera Kraftform Kompakt VDE 17 Universal 1 Interchangeable screwdriver set with twin handle, 17PC, 05059030001 amzn.eu/d/4…ZKY
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    Also note the ones in your link aren't slim blades, just a note incase anyone is interested as I know I can't stand my screwdrivers not to have the slim insulation.
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    I have no more room on my wera display wall. Plus my other tools that I use are getting jealous of me polishing all the wera tools and putting them carefully back on the wall
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    Pliers don't seem double insulated, not VDE compliant.... Sorry and tbf, imho not a great price
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    I cannot imagine Wera or Screwfix etc being wrong about the VDE pliers

    Also, best price around


    However, I would buy the smaller set without these pliers & buy the other rounded type pliers/multi-cutter.. (edited)
  4. johnny155's avatar
    I paid £82 for this set in October
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    Bargain nice
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  6. dwattsy21's avatar
    I see these include "pozislotted" tips, which a lot of vde sets don't. What are these used for? From looking at it, it looks like the screw type for this could be used with either a standard slotted or pozi?

    I'm not in the trade so apologies for the noob question, just genuinely interested (edited)
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    Electrical electronic equipment , contactors/trips/overloads relays etc.etc.etc often have the dual pozi-flat head screws, which allows use of either , but when used with the proper tool you can get far better engagement and purchase when tightening terminals on these items... They're great, and those pliers are great too and as posted are £45-£50++ on their own . There may be cheaper ways to obtain the same thing, but this is still a cracking set, but I'd need the slimlines as I have a couple of sets if standard as it is... I want the speed ratchet/multiplayer handle for these blades too....🤤🤤
  7. Marcre's avatar
    Is this a manual screwdriver for electrical stuff?
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    Yes and stripping pliers for installation. VDE rated for protection, wish I had them when some plonker turned power on and my hand near went through a kitchen cabinet 🌩️
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    Further price drop
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