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Posted 21 September 2022

Wera Tool Check Plus For £46.89 Delivered @ Amazon Germany

£46.89£74.8937% off
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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Available for 48.52 Euros plus 4.49 Euros postage = 53.41. Worked out £46.89 for me and the card I used.

Currently £74.89 on Amazon UK - but has been cheaper!

Really handy little kit which I already have and use more than I thought I would - bought another as a present.

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Prices elsewhere:

Key Features

Zyklop Mini 1
The Tool-Check Plus features the ultra-strong Zyklop Mini 1 bit ratchet with a fine 60 tooth reversible ratchet mechanism that provides a small return angle of only 6°.

Rapidaptor Technology
Rapidaptor technology allows for rapid bit change without any extra tools and also only requires one handed use.

Take It Easy: Tool Finder
Colour coding in accordance to size stamp, for fast and easy selection of the required tool.

Tool-Check Plus
The Wera tool-check plus provides the user with 162 different tool combinations.

Wera Tool-Check Plus Mini Bit Ratchet, Socket, Screwdriver & Bit Set, 39pc, 05056490001

The Tool-Check Plus features the ultra-strong Zyklop Mini 1 bit ratchet with a fine 60 tooth reversible ratchet mechanism that provides a small return angle of only 6°. Capable of withstanding up to 100Nm of torque, it could be the strongest mini bit ratchet on the market. Perfect for confined spaces, the Zyklop Mini 1 needs only 25 mm clearance when using 25 mm screwdriver bits. The grooved thumb wheel allows for rapid screwdriving, even in the most of compact spaces. Sockets can be attached onto the ratchet via a 1/4" adaptor, with a ball bearing for a secure fit of sockets onto the ratchet. The set also includes a Kraftform stubby screwdriver with a strong magnet for a secure fit of bits, sockets featuring “take it easy” Tool Finder, Rapidaptor bit-holder for use in a drill/driver, and a range of high quality screwdriver bits designed for the most demanding applications.

Ideal for auto, maintenance, plumbing, air-conditioning & machine servicing, electronic & aerospace industries as well as many more.


  • 1x Stubby Handle 1/4" x 78 mm; 1x Rapidaptor Bit Holder 1/4" x 50mm; 1x Zyklop Mini 1/4" x 87 mm
1x Socket Adaptor 1/4"; 1x Slotted Bit: 5.5mm;
  • 6x Phillips Bits: (2x) PH1 x 25 mm; (3x) PH2 x 25 mm; PH3 x 25 mm
  • 5x Pozidriv Bits: PZ 1 x 25 mm; (3x) PZ 2 x 25 mm; PZ 3 x 25 mm
  • 5x Hex-Plus Bits: 3 x 25 mm; 4 x 25 mm; 5 x 25 mm; 6 x 25 mm; (1x) 8 x 25 mm
  • 6x TX Bits: TX 10 x 25 mm; TX 15 x 25 mm;TX 20 x 25 mm; TX 25 x 25 mm, TX 30 x 25 mm; TX 40 x 25 mm
  • 5x TXBO Bits: TX 10 x 25 mm; TX 15 x 25 mm; TX 20 x 25 mm; TX 25 x 25 mm; TX 30 x 25 mm
  • 7x Zyklop Sockets, 1/4": 5.5 mm; 6 mm; 7 mm; 8 mm; 10 mm; 12 mm; 13 mm

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  1. Avatar
    Looks good, and great quality but seems pricey for a socket set/screwdriver set
    To be fair, these aren’t really aimed at the avg DIY’er. It’s more for people who rely on tools to earn a living and can’t afford them to fail or have any short comings.

    You could easily get a semi decent set for home DIY from Toolstation or Screwfix and in all honestly most people probably should.

    But if you earn a living off something, I always get good quality as any issues directly costs you money.

    It’s why Snap On still sell well, even though they are often double the price of similar spec’d tools. They offer same day change if parts ever fail and to people making money using said tools, that service is a life line. (edited)
  2. Avatar
    Congrats on your first post @OneWestwood . Heat added
    Tim’s got plenty of time to find deals now that he’s been kicked out of his day job
  3. Avatar
    The selection of bits is quite poor. I changed several for the adequate ones.

    It has some Allens that are way too big for a tiny wrench (no way on earth you can adequately tighten/loosen an M12 bolt without breaking this tiny wrench) while missing the smaller Allens (I don't remember the numbers but the smaller one is for M5 bolts).

    It has too many both security Torx and regular Torx, Just like the Allen, some sizes are far too large...TX 40 I think that I've only seen in massive self-tapping concrete screws with 10mm shaft, you'd destroy both the wrench and the bit before loosening one. and again, no smaller Torx.

    Too many repeated PZ2 and PH2 for no reason, while it could do with PZ0 and PH0 instead.

    And only 1 flat bit.

    I also replaced some with impact bits...Mainly the ones I ended up breaking over time

    BTW the bits could do with having the colour coding that other Wera bits enjoy, sometimes it's hard to distinguish so many sizes at a glance.

    Also, this is the new model that has a cheaper, less sturdy holder without the cool opening tab. A shame to see this cost-cutting practice at such a premium price point.

    Aside from these details, this set is one of my all-time favourite tools in my toolbox, and that's a lot coming from a guy whose fellow tradesmen joke that I watch tools videos instead of "adult" videos.
    I have 2, one in my little "to go" Veto toolbag and another in my toolbox and they're used practically every day, both for odd jobs and as a lifesaver for tight crevices where no other tool would fit. (edited)
    I use the Zyklop 1/4 set and have swapped most of the bits depending on the type of job I'm on. I think it's all site/job specific. I've had plenty of weird panels that have needed e.g. the hex 8 that only need to be hand tight. Definitely not standard but just an example. I think this is the sort of set you want with you all the time and load up the bits you're going to need. Definitely agree that you wouldn't want to use the small ratchet with the larger bit at high torque though.
  4. Avatar
    Why is this so expensive?
    Wera is one of the very best tool brands. It's not tools to last a few uses, a few years or even a lifetime... they are tools that would last generations.
  5. Avatar
    Available for 48.52 Euros plus 4.49 Euros postage = 53.41.
    Heat added.

    Spot on at EUR 53.41 (including postage) and used my Halifax Clarity to ensure the Mastercard rate is in my favour (for the uninitiated, don't select GBP as base currency or will cost you more).
  6. Avatar
    If one has a good range of quality tools that would enable one to carry out what this set does, is it still worth owning?

    Those above who find lots of uses or never thought they use it but do, examples would be appreciated. Do you own similar tools but use the instead or something. I only ask because I would get them but I am just not seeing the point for myself so don't want to buy just because they are on HUKD. (Even though I want them!)
    If you have good quality versions of all the tools in this set and don't need the portability of this then it probably isn't for you. The advantage of this set is just how portable it is which makes it ideal for someone who often does work outside of their home/workshop.
  7. Avatar
    For the larger handed people that own this, how is the screwdriver/ratchet handle in hand?....serious question
    ratchet is great. screwdriver is a bit small. This kit should have the stubby instead. I usually use either the T adaptor or the bigger wera handle
  8. Avatar
    You bought another as a present?
    I only get socks!
  9. Avatar
    Is this powered?
    yes, by your wrist.
  10. Avatar
    Brought some of these for the kids as Christmas presents as they'll have to be working to pay their way from now on.
    First ensure that they pay you off for the cost.
  11. Avatar
    I mean I'm no expert but looks bit pricey to me, can someone give me the lowdown on this .. always like little diy kits
    The reviews, over 12,000 of them with an average of 4.9 stars explains it pretty well. I don't think I've ever seen any products with such good reviews as Wera consistantly have.
  12. Avatar
    I've a Wera socket set that came in advent calendar, the sockets misalign in use, I wouldn't recommend
    Post some photos, I’m intrigued wera has failed at something too be honest
  13. Avatar
    How do you order from Amazon Germany? Do you need to make a new account? I’m new to this lol
    First you have to stand on your head, then chant ancient ritualistic hymns for 5 minutes. Or you can just go to the website and click. Amazon are well known for making things difficult to buy.
  14. Avatar
    I have this and use it daily great bit of kit 👌
  15. Avatar
    hope my 3 years old will like it ...
    The size is about right
  16. Avatar
    For the people posting, "this seems expensive", then this simply isn't for you. It's a high quality set for people who need tools they can rely on, not weekend tinkerers.
    Sometimes it’s that you’ve already got two other okay sets. Hard to turn down a really good piece of kit though.
  17. Avatar
    Proper equipment
  18. Avatar
    Great first post mate congratulations
  19. Avatar
    Look out for the Advent calendars as well for value for money.
    I got last years for £42, had loads of stuff in it. This years is a bit more but looks pretty good.

    39 pieces as opposed to 24 on the advent calendar.
  20. Avatar
    Much better value and up there quality wise with the LTT one imo.
    LTT hahaha
  21. Avatar
    Unbelievable bit of kit 
  22. Avatar
    Thx OP, great Find and listing.
  23. Avatar
    honestly sometimes hate coming on this site... i had zero intention to buy or look for anything like this.... yet i still ended up buying this why sighh lol

    i own a set of wera allen keys after seeing someone at work use them and they are amazing quailty, so no doubt these will be too
  24. Avatar
    Ordered as a "work" tool 😜
  25. Avatar
    i dont need it ... i dont need it ... *sweats*
    I hope you've already bought it cos regret is miserable mistress
  26. Avatar
    Thanks for the post! Ordered right away
  27. Avatar

    Where did you get £46.89 from? Just curious. I paid in euros as my card so has no fees so I'll see what the final amount is, somewhere around that I'm fine with as I'm hoping it's less than paying in £ with Amazon's currency guarantee.
    Hi, Used my Chase Bank card and paid in Euros - showing up on my app as £46.89
  28. Avatar
    Great little kit. I have the standard one so no screwdriver handle and it is invaluable and use lots
  29. Avatar
    Great kit, got it thinking I'd use it hardly ever but use it a lot and worth every penny.
  30. Avatar
    Wont import charges apply?
  31. Avatar
    Does this come with a worldwide waranty being it's from amazon Germany?
  32. Avatar
    Ordered one Heat added thanks
  33. Avatar
    That’s a good looking piece of kit!!!
  34. Avatar
    Does any one know where i can get the mini 1/4 “ ratchet Thats just like this but it has the 1/4” on it not just a bit holder like this one?

    ps i have this set its excellent
    Can you not just insert the 1/4" adaptor into it?
  35. Avatar
    Absolutely cracking deal... been waiting for this for a couple of years... missed one or two offers , so chuffed to grab this one Thanks OneWestood, great spot!
    Top Quality tools
  36. Avatar
    Is import VAT / Duty covered when purchasing this?
    Yes. Purchases from Amazon that are below £135 shouldn't have any additional fees.
  37. Avatar
    Ordered, cheers
  38. Avatar
    Great set! Heat added! Had this on my camelcamelcamel.com account waiting for a price drop. Wera are an awesome brand, hopefully they sell a few other bits cheap
  39. Avatar
    Excellent set, I use this every day in job cannot recommend these enough.
  40. Avatar
    does the screwdriver have the flexible attachment?
    not in this set. It's a really small screwdriver