West Ham v Coventry - Kids for a Quid

West Ham v Coventry - Kids for a Quid

Found 16th Dec 2011
West Ham have the kids for a Quid offer for the game against Coventry on 2 January 2012 1500 Kick Off.

There are £1 or £2 booking fees if you buy online.

Wont be going myself, i've seen us beat the Hammers already !! But this is a really good price for Top of the Championship football.

Well done West Ham - Bank Holiday Bargain.
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Only for children that have been very naughty this year
I don't support either of these deals but hot hot hot from me.

A great day out for the kids, especially if its their first game.

seats facing the pitch cold
At least the kids can see another nail being put into the Cov-fin (see what I did there).

Olympics 2012 - taking place in a League 1 ground. Hardly the Venue of Legends....

Shame, as they are my 'local' team, and have a nice ground. Just need to buck their ideas up...
I just phoned them up and asked "what time is kick-off"..they replied "what time can you get here"
seems a bit steep!
Watching Cov is a painful experience at the moment, but maybe we have a good Xmas PUSB
NSPCC have been notified . . . .

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Shame that kids need to pay an additional £32 to £52 to take an adult. There are plenty of Premier League clubs (including a few in London) that offer cheaper adult pricing.
Sweet. That means most of the Cov first team will get in for a quid. Nice :0)

as a ccfc fan it pains me to say that this is a guarenteed victory for west ham

Hmm. Might go to this one. Who should I support?
Rip off - £1 is far too much to watch Cov!!
Turning point of ccfcs season PUSB
Is it not dangerous to bring kids to West Ham match?
Fulham had an identical deal against Bolton tomorrow (17th December) but tickets have sold out.
Nevertheless this is still hot!

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west ham has a piff satium

Is it not dangerous to bring kids to West Ham match?

No, that was last season when the Hammers played Arsenal and Wenger was visiting.
was on sun paper
Good deal, but be aware your kid will need a neck brace after watch the Allardyce hoofball.
I already have too many kids -.-
Sky blue army!!

But as someone else has said banker home win.

About time West Ham did something like this

Hot for those who can't normally afford to take their kids to football.It is about time all clubs realised the kids are the future fan base.

Rip off - £1 is far too much to watch Cov!!

and represents a mere 0.0001% of LCFC's failed campaign promotion push.. Premier League...? you're havin a laugh...PUSB

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