West Wing Season 7 - £20.25 or less delivered!

West Wing Season 7 - £20.25 or less delivered!

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Found 7th Jun 2007
The West Wing Season 7 is just £20.25 delivered from Blahdvd! If you're a new customer you should be able to get another £2 off by using the attached discount...

Cheapest i can see it elsewhere is £27.75!

Description: From the mind of screenwriter Aaron Sorkin (A FEW GOOD MEN) comes this controversial NBC drama, which became an immediate smash after premiering in 1999. Starring Martin Sheen as President Jed Bartlet, the series follows the hyperdramatic tension that accompanies everyday life in the White House. Addressing topical issues in every episode, Sorkin's drama features stellar supporting turns by Rob Lowe, Stockard Channing, and Moira Kelly. Features all the episodes from the seventh series.


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The complete seventh and final season of exceptionally scripted political drama.

Episodes Comprise:

1. The Ticket
2. The Mommy Problem
3. Message Of The Week
4. Mr. Frost
5. Here Today
6. The Al Smith Dinner
7. The Debate
8. Undecideds
9. The Wedding
10. Running Mates
11. Internal Displacement
12. Duck And Cover
13. The Cold
14. Two Weeks Out
15. Welcome To Wherever You Are
16. Election Day (Part 1)
17. Election Day (Part 2)
18. Requiem
19. Transition
20. The Last Hurrah
21. Institutional Memory
22. Tomorrow

Excellent. Completes my set.

Nice find Cat, thanks
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