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25% off 2019 Giant Road Bikes @ Westbrook Cycles
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Posted 9th Aug 2019Posted 9th Aug 2019
25% off 2019 Giant Road Bikes @ Westbrook Cycles
Bike sales continue and a load of retailers have the standard 20% off Giant and Liv bikes but Westbrook have 25% off a few bikes in the range. May be worth it if you are intereste… Read more
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Absolutely - the bike + new brakes still cost less than some other brand with Ultegra already fitted. The cockpit is more clean now, the first thing that went on it was Garmin, but the idea is to occasionally fit Aero Bars for comfort on longer, multi-day rides


First paragraph .....WTF?


Ideally for ride london the 100m route its worth getting at least tiagra/10 speed shifting. I would also recommend 28s. I agree an expensive frame is not needed. I did it in 2016; its a great experience and route.


Oh come on now... poor people do have certain faces and mannerisms, as do people from certain regions. For example, it's odds-on that a Scottish person will have a Nicola Sturgeon-esque face or similar and that Scousers go around with wobbly heads, wear tracksuits or pyjamas... it's inbuilt into their culture and genetics. I've never ridden a Carrera bike or Cannondale or any of the bikes you've listed, but if you'd read my previous posts you would have noted that I'd given a nod to the Carrera by saying that I spotted a few of the less affluent people in Ride London using them... so they must be pretty good for the money. To show I'm no snob I own a BTwin Mach 720 which is great, and I use it for winter - tbh it seems pretty much as fast as my main bike which is a Giant TCR pro, except the brakes are absolutely appauling in comparison for some reason (maybe they've picked up too much grit or something)... and the ride is not as comfortable generally - wouldn't like to do 100 miles on it. I also have a Boardman CX bike (that was disgracefully set up by Halfords by the way) that I just use to go out with my 5 year old son.... that has mechanical disc brakes that I rate worse than just normal clinchers.


Not everyone can justify an expensive bike even if they have the money available if they are casual cyclist and don't need a performance bike. Some would resent paying a lot more money to shave off a few kgs and add a few more gears plus have a generally weaker bike with more risk of structural failure, albeit a small risk. I'll have to admit I do have quite a few bikes of which 2 are Carrera's. I'm trying to think of any higher end bikes I have, I guess the best is my Cannondale CAAD road bike when they were made in the USA or perhaps my Kona Stuff. Again though a higher end bike would be wasted money for many it would actually be the wrong choice of bike whether they are rich or poor. As for your elitist comments about poor people have certain faces, clothes and attitudes I'll leave others to form their opinions on that. I've encountered rich people who buy low end bikes and poor people who go into debt to buy themselves a top end bike because they are brand obsessed. Personally I'm a strong believer in diminishing returns and both low end and high end products are best avoided with the middle ground often making the most sense.

Scott Genius 710 Full Suspension Mountain Bike (2018), (Medium & Small) £2,250 at Westbrook Cycles
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Posted 9th Aug 2019Posted 9th Aug 2019
Scott Genius 710 Full Suspension Mountain Bike (2018), (Medium & Small) £2,250 at Westbrook Cycles£2,250£4,59951%
Scott Genius 710 Full Suspension Mountain Bike (2018) now in Medium and Small. Bargain. 51%off RRP. Bike of the year in several magazine tests. Sold by a proper shop, not a mail o… Read more

Big thankyou for the info!! I will keep an eye out later this year!


All out of stock, small and medium. Too late..... Bargains don't hang around long....


Honestly, there is no comparison between an orange crush and a Scott genius. The Scott genius is so much more capable. If you want a hardtail, you push the twinloc lever 2 clicks. If you want an xc bike, you push it one click to have a short travel bike. If you want an all mountain bike you set it to full travel. The 27.5+ tyres roll incredibly well, particularly on rooty & bumpy ground and feel so safe. (watch YouTube comparison videos) . I have both 29 and 27.5+ wheels and prefer the 27.5+ tyres, particularly when it's dry as they roll so we'll and feel so 'safe' . It's a genuine do all bike. I have a 9.9kg 100mm travel full sus xc bike and have used it once since buying the Scott. The reality is that the Scott is quicker in everything except fire road climbs where the additional 3kg is a slight disadvantage. Everywhere else the Scott is quicker, safer and more fun. No hardtail is faster & safer in real world woods & rocks xc. The hardtail is dead in 2019....


I'm 5'10 and always seem to be in between medium and large, I have a Scott bike now with a medium size frame and an happy with that


Many thanks for that!! Definitely tempting. I was originally liking a full sus mtb...then was going down the line of Orange Crush Pro...but they are £2000 without any extras. Thought a hardtail...which is always what I;ve had would be a good upgrade in the sense of Orange. This kind of puts the rush and the comfort in front of that for all of £300 more!

Scott Genius 710 RRP £4599 51% off. SMALL ONLY - £2,250 delivered @ Westbrook Cycles
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Posted 24th Jul 2019Posted 24th Jul 2019
Scott Genius 710 RRP £4599 51% off. SMALL ONLY - £2,250 delivered @ Westbrook Cycles£2,250£4,59951%
Any Trail, Any time. With the all new Genius, this phrase has never rung truer. We've given the Genius a total makeover for 2018 and the 710 is ready for some singletrack. With our… Read more

Genius in stock in medium @ £2250.


The medium is back in stock. Be quick. It'll be 1 bike. Its a bargain at £2250.


Motor Torpedo Boat😋


Would that be the acronym for: Moun Tain Bike? Mountain Trail Bike? Other? (confused)


Excellent bike for the money. Shame it is only available in small.

Scott Addict 10 ultegra disc 2018 bike. £1499 but £1349.10 with code plus free jacket @ Westbrook Cycles
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Posted 18th Nov 2018Posted 18th Nov 2018
Scott Addict 10 ultegra disc 2018 bike. £1499 but £1349.10 with code plus free jacket @ Westbrook Cycles£1,349.10£1,54913%
Looks like a good deal to me. Only available in 54cm which is the size I needed. Original retail price reduced to £1499 which is a bargain, but add the code on the product page to … Read more
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If only it had Ultregra R8000,,,but nevertheless a decent bike for the price.


D'oh! I hadn't seen that and forgot to search before posting... Anyway there are a few bargains on that site. Hope this helps someone...


Nice. Wrong size for me but looks like decent buy. Enjoy the new bike!


Was posted yesterday though OP forgot to mention code and jacket. Great deal. https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/scott-addict-10-disc-road-bike-1499-westbrook-cycles-3106078

Scott addict 10 disc road bike £1499 @ Westbrook cycles
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Posted 16th Nov 2018Posted 16th Nov 2018
Scott addict 10 disc road bike £1499 @ Westbrook cycles£1,499£2,69944%
£1499.00 for a full carbon road bike, with disc brakes and ultegra gearing is an absolute steal. Yes it's a 2018 model and only available in a size medium, but at 44% of the list p… Read more

oos now


I'm 5' 10" and happy on a 54cm CR1


Awesome deal. Just bought one and posted a deal as I hadn't seen this!


If you ever leave your husband give me a shout , the only thing I get given by the other half is a list of diy jobs and what I need to pay for.


Anyone know if this is full Ultegra R800 or a mix with the older 6800 chainset etc? Other sites have listed as R800 unlike Westbrook. If they were open today I would call and ask. Thanks

Scott Spark 910 Full Suspension Mountain Bike (2018) - £2,999 @ Westbrook Cycles
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Posted 27th Oct 2018Posted 27th Oct 2018
Scott Spark 910 Full Suspension Mountain Bike (2018) - £2,999 @ Westbrook Cycles£2,999
An award winning 29er full suspension bike with a decent discount. Available in all sizes. I know it has 2x 11 which will concern some. If it bothers you, take the inner ring and … Read more

Because it's not cheapo flat screen TV or a deal for KFC and apparently you can buy exactly the same bike for £50 at Tesco's ;)


If you know your bikes then you will know this has amazing spec for the money.


Don't understand why this is being voted cold, it's about £1700 off RRP unless I'm very much mistaken. Good find, OP.

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Scott Genius 710 Full Suspension Mountain Bike (2018)RRP £4599, now £2999 @ Westbrook Cycles extra 11% off with code
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Posted 27th Oct 2018Posted 27th Oct 2018
Scott Genius 710 Full Suspension Mountain Bike (2018)RRP £4599, now £2999 @ Westbrook Cycles extra 11% off with code£2,660£4,59942%
An amazing 2018 trail bike with a great reduction on rrp. Can take 29er wheels too.. The discount code expires end of day on 31st Oct. Any Trail, Any time. With the all new Geniu… Read more

To be fair the bike shop with chuck in a free pair of cheapo plastic pedals so you can ride home as I did when I went to pick up my bike only to realise I'd left the pedals I was going to use by the front door at home.


No bike above £1500 comes with pedals. Everyone has a different want when it comes to pedals. Some want flat, some want spd's some want other brands of clip in pedals.


It's not even got any pedals. Call me a perfectionist. But.. :/

Scott Spark 710 Full Suspension Mountain Bike (2018)RRP £4799, now £2999 @ Westbrook Cycles
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Posted 27th Oct 2018Posted 27th Oct 2018
Scott Spark 710 Full Suspension Mountain Bike (2018)RRP £4799, now £2999 @ Westbrook Cycles£2,670
A fantastic bike in a superb colour at less than 2/3 of the original price and a 2018. This bike also takes 29er wheels if that's what you prefer. Currently available in M, L &… Read more

Or if you’ve only got little legs, small only left,you could buy this. A lot more race/cross country like the old Spark used to be.I’ve had one for a couple of years now and still love it. I’d guess around 23lbs in weight. https://winstanleysbikes.co.uk/giant-anthem-advanced-27-5-0-2016-bike?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIo_jDncrs4gIVh7PtCh2Z2Q1rEAQYASABEgIV3fD_BwE#composite-blue-s--16--


On the YT Jeffsy which i mentioned earlier i got an 1x11 Speed E*THIRTEEN TRS+ Cassette with a massive range 9 - 46 teath and the shimano XTR mech shifts beautifully through it. There is 25% Sale back on again go buy one best bike on the market at this price point.


Sure, but that may also necessitate a swap of the crankarm to maintain a sensible 1x chainline (or some bodging). Personally, I'd prefer to buy the bike that suited in the first place. There's nothing wrong with a 2x11 setup (and, arguably, it's more functional than a 1x12), but it would certainly be considered "yesterday's setup", like geometries with steep head tube angles, and this should be taken into account when assessing the deal. As for the comment about the cassette, it's not about the ultimate number of teeth, it's all about the range which is relatively limited even on an 11-42. There's nothing to stop you fitting a chainring that makes your 42t cassette the same climbing ratio as you would see with a 50t, but you're going to run out of gears on the flat, fast stuff. Of course, you may be able to monster up the hills with a larger chainring and 42t cassette, but not everyone wants to do this.


Further 11% off by using HALLOWEEN code until tomorrow evening (31st October ). Makes it a bargain at £2670. Regarding the 2x 11 setup. It's hardly an issue. Just replace the chainring with a 1x 32 or 34 specific and remove the shifter and mech. Why would anyone want a rear cassette with more than 42 teeth. It's quicker to walk!


It's a lovely bike, but the 2x11 groupset would be considered a pretty hard sell on bikes of this price these days (which is one of the reasons that it's heavily discounted!) and this version of the frame is only the half carbon one - it has an alloy rear section. Nice bike, but I'm not sure it would get my pennies and at 13kg, it's pretty sturdy! I would say that it's a reasonable price, but not a screaming bargain to my eyes.

Scott Scale 710 Hardtail Mountain Bike - £1,495 @ Westbrook Cycles
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Posted 8th Nov 2017Posted 8th Nov 2017
Scott Scale 710 Hardtail Mountain Bike - £1,495 @ Westbrook Cycles£1,495
Was £2599 now £1495. 43% off. Full xt groupset . Fox elite forks. Quality wheels etc MEDIUM ONLY The SCOTT Scale 710 boasts a super light HMF Carbon Fiber frame. The 710 comes fu… Read more

I think the 710 is a much better buy at 1495 than the 720 at 1250. There is more between them than the groupset. The 710 has much better lighter wheels and elite model forks that have the factory model internals. Also the xt groupset is superior to the low end GX1 fitted to the 720. If you must have 1 x 11, you can always buy a single ring for the XT crank and remove the shifter and derailleur. I can't quite understand the 1 x 11 thing. You can only fully replicate the gear range of 2 x 11 by going for the eagle 1 x 12 groupset.


there is also the scott scale 720 for 1250 at rutland cycles which is very similar i would choose that over this bike as it’s 250 cheaper same frame and 11 speed single ring and most likely a bit lighter and i like the colours better


anyone who actually knows anything about mountain bikes would be voting this hot.fantastic frame good forks full xt group set and brakes and decent syncros kit.very fast bike but only suited to cross country not ideal for trail centres but manageable


Looks like you will get a sore bum on sitting on that seat..

Syncros RL1.0 28mm Carbon Clincher Road Bike Wheelset (2015) £599  Westbrook Cycles
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Posted 7th Nov 2017Posted 7th Nov 2017
Syncros RL1.0 28mm Carbon Clincher Road Bike Wheelset (2015) £599 Westbrook Cycles£599
Was £1499. Reduced to £499! RL1.0 wheels deliver lightweight performance with a low 28mm profile. The full carbon clincher offers a versatile, semi-aerodynamic profile, which han… Read more

Sold out...

Scott Scale 700 Premium Hardtail Mountain Bike £1999 at westbrook cycles
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Posted 7th Nov 2017Posted 7th Nov 2017
Scott Scale 700 Premium Hardtail Mountain Bike £1999 at westbrook cycles£1,999
Scott Scale 700 Premium Hardtail Mountain Bike. Was £4799. Reduced to £1999! (58% off). This bike has the best of everything. Carbon HMX frame. Full XTR groupset. Fox factory fo… Read more

https://www.evanscycles.com/scott-scale-700-rc-2016-mountain-bike-EV253333 get the half kg lighter for another £300 on to


Yep the way to get around Halfords deals is to go to a direct independent who accept halford vouchers, in effect £1,000 voucher can be used at your local bike store, they will get 90-95% face value and you get to spend the grand, obviously local bike shops will happily amend the receipt so shows as £1000, my friend got a bike for £1100, not sure you'd get away with buying a £5k downhill bike (pirate)


Thanks guys. Will check out Evans also.


Ah ok, cheers for correcting me. Good to know how you got around it for future reference. I used Evans and cyclescheme.co.uk


Actually it depends on the retailer, the scheme and/or the employer. My employer was using Halfords scheme and Halfords shops won't allow topping up however I transferred my voucher to an independent and was able to top up.

Scott Addict 10 2015 (Dura Ace), Medium 54 £2099 @ westbrookcycles
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Posted 18th Jan 2016Posted 18th Jan 2016
Scott Addict 10 2015 (Dura Ace), Medium 54 £2099 @ westbrookcycles£2,099
Summer's nearly here! - looks like a great deal for a carbon frame and largely Dura-Ace groupset. The crankset ratio (52 / 36) probably intended for flatter jaunts. The standard … Read more
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Whilst I have never bought from Westbrook- their prices are very competitive and interestingly Wiggle refuse to price match them. I can't quite work them out.


I got my Scott Foil Team Issue frame set from Westbrook, got Di2 on mine. Good company to work with and I can recommend the frames. RE Ratio, I use the same front rings, perfect for the UK. But i'd choose Di2 all day over DA, the Di2 shifting is sublime, trim adjustments, changes when climbing... looooooverrrrrrrly. Go for it!


Yeh, BMC worth pondering - last (smashed) bike was Ultegra and that was lovely, but I'd be daft enough to pay the extra £99 (+discounts) to try out Dura Ace for drive/shifting/braking so that my simple brain thinks its smoother (though close eyes for maintenance/replacement pricing). The non Dura-Ace components are nicely placed for personal preference future upgrades or swapping out due to n+1 rule :-) Just in case hotdeals is mucking with the link, this is the direct one: http://www.westbrookcycles.co.uk/scott-addict-10-road-bike-2015-p260033


Ha ha, in fairness there are times when I'd love to bez around on one of those. However, I only have to pass a Greggs to break out in to a sweat.


Not everyone who rides 100miles gets sweaty and tired, although perhaps a light perspiration of the forehead is common. Sounds like you need a bike to do some exercise!

Endura MTR Bibshorts £39.99 S-XL (£49.99 Small only soft shell) @ Westbrook cycles plus £3.99 (or spend £50 free delivery) 1/2 price
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Posted 13th Jan 2016Posted 13th Jan 2016
Endura MTR Bibshorts £39.99 S-XL (£49.99 Small only soft shell) @ Westbrook cycles plus £3.99 (or spend £50 free delivery) 1/2 price£43.98
7% quidco Nice Bibshorts for wearing under baggy mountain biking MTR shorts, that keep the mountain biker warm, with no cold chills up the spine from puddles and mud Endura MTR… Read more
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Yeah I requested the mods to setup a new group but nothing so far, hukd is crying out for a sports/outdoor/cycling type dropdown, Ps only fashionable if you wear down the pub without over shorts


this is listed in the fashion section! hot of course though


Hummvee short sleeve jerseys in green, blue or black size medium or xl £17.99 http://www.westbrookcycles.co.uk/search/hummvee

Kask Protone Helmet (Various Colours) £119.99 + 7% Quidco - Free Delivery from Westbrook Cycles
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Posted 29th Nov 2015Posted 29th Nov 2015
Kask Protone Helmet (Various Colours) £119.99 + 7% Quidco - Free Delivery from Westbrook Cycles£119.99
Reduced from £195.00. Lowest price I've ever seen this helmet as worn by the pros. Read all the reviews, you will not find a bad one. No mushroom head look. Don't bother voting c… Read more

wow, this was cheap. sorry to necro a deal, but I was only just searching for a new helmet. pity the "you could buy a car exhaust for that!" brigade seem to have done the voting.


Sadly it's not 2p tin of beans so not going to get appreciated here.

Northwave Artic Commuter GTX Road Boots  £99.99 @ Westbrookcycles
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Posted 8th Oct 2015Posted 8th Oct 2015
Northwave Artic Commuter GTX Road Boots  £99.99 @ Westbrookcycles£99.99
Winter road cycling boots with good reviews. This is the cheapest I've been able to find them. Selected sizes only left but hope this helps someone.

Thanks for the heads up on these, saved me about £20!! Plus a quid with the Facebook like and 3% Quidco!

Giant Propel Advanced 0 - £1,699 at Westbrook Cycles
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Posted 13th Aug 2015Posted 13th Aug 2015
Giant Propel Advanced 0 - £1,699 at Westbrook Cycles
Giant Propel Advanced 0 - £1,699 at Westbrook Cycles They still have the bike in M and M/L sizes. Seems good for a Di2 equipped bike, and a good one at that!

Considering the Ultegra Di2 groupset is about £900 on its own, this is a bit of a bargain.


it's a great bike! especially with that groupo!


Think i want a bit more than a 'good' biike for 1700 quid tbh but heated


Thank you, sorry I didn't realise the link wasn't working. I keep trying to edit it but it won't amend it when I save it :-(


Was: £2149 http://www.westbrookcycles.co.uk/giant-propel-advanced-0-road-bike-2015-p258500

Westbrook Cycles - Cannondale F29 4 Hardtail Mountain Bike (2014) £1499.00 (FREE UK Delivery)
Posted 22nd Jul 2015Posted 22nd Jul 2015
Westbrook Cycles - Cannondale F29 4 Hardtail Mountain Bike (2014) £1499.00 (FREE UK Delivery)£1,499
Cannondale F29 4 Hardtail Mountain Bike (2014) Now£1,499.00 (FREE UK Delivery) Was:£2,399.99 saving: £900.99 (38%) Medium only left. •Frame F29, SmartFormed Alloy, SPEED SAVE… Read more

Paul's cycles has the f29 5 29er 2014 model in s m l for £999


seems quite expensive still for the components listed. A cube Reaction HPA SL 29er which is kitted out with full XT and Rockshox SID forks has an RRP of £1499. I'll not vote either way though as if this is the bike you want it is a substantial discount for sure.

Scott CR1 Pro HMF frame - Westbrook Cycles £499.00
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Posted 6th Mar 2015Posted 6th Mar 2015
Scott CR1 Pro HMF frame - Westbrook Cycles £499.00£499
Great price for a good carbon frameset, with he added backup of guarantee, & UK shipping, unlike Ebay Chinese frames. Ok, its a 2013 model, but would anyone really tell the d… Read more

Good point. Maybe they should try it with cars.


At least without wheels this'll be more difficult to go through red lights.


If you're going to buy a frame from Planet X, it's worth checking out the pick and mix deals on this page. You basically get a load of finishing kit for free.


With Carbon Fibre....anything.... It's not the material that gives the inherent strength. It is the way it is laid, the weave and the tolerances of manufacture which gives carbon fibre it's strength, otherwise it will just snap.


Just the time alone, if a single person made the frame, on minimum wage, would come to more than £30. But most manufacturers of carbon bikes will be looking for engineers, with degrees, not school drop outs, to make these frames, so you can be pretty sure they're not on minimum wage salaries. mike

Garmin Edge 1000 Performance Bundle £399.00 @ Westbrook Cycles instore and online
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Posted 27th Dec 2014Posted 27th Dec 2014
Garmin Edge 1000 Performance Bundle £399.00 @ Westbrook Cycles instore and online£399
Just picked up this bundle at this price instore. Wiggle and ChainReactionCycles currently selling for £449.95. Bundle includes: Edge 1000, extended out front mount, std mount, p… Read more

Picked one up today, very impressed and the cheapest price I could find with good customer service from westbrook as always.


Very tempted as it's my lbs.

GoPro Hero3 Camera White Edition £124.99 delivered @ westbrook cycles
Posted 30th Sep 2014Posted 30th Sep 2014
GoPro Hero3 Camera White Edition £124.99 delivered @ westbrook cycles£124.99
still £159 on amazon. I know GoPro Hero is out for lower but maybe some will be interested in this camera. Reviews and description on amazon: http://www.amazon.co.uk/GoPro-Hero-C… Read more

How do these stack up to the SJ4000?


OOS now...


And yes everyone already know that SJ4000 are cheaper....